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   Chapter 17 In the Name of Love....

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"Sir, do you want to catch up with her?"

"No, just follow her."

When seeing Jessie's car running down the winding lane, Mark squinted his sharp eyes and cursed in his heart, 'Such an idiot, don't you know to learn from mistakes?'

The atmosphere became tense in the car.

Mark knew that Darren was cruel, but he didn't expect that he was so stupid.

As for the fact that the Lin Group had been encroach and the shares had been transferred, anyone with discerning eyes would know that somebody premeditated this. Even if Jessie had colluded with others, she would not put the assets under her own name so blatantly and also be beaten by him. And she would never agree to marry him.

Obviously, Jessie was framed by someone on purpose.

And it was more obvious that the one behind the scenes must be Blake.

When Jessie's car stopped at the door of Blake's house, Victor asked, "Sir, shall we follow her?"

"No, just stop here."

Mark looked front, with dangerous look in his sharp eyes. He pressed his lips, wondering what on earth happened between Blake and Jessie.

Perhaps, the reality would suddenly change, and something more interesting would happen.

When getting the phone call from Jessie and knowing that she wanted to see him, Blake brought out what he had prepared for a long time. He had been waiting for today for ten years. Everything he did was just for today, in order to get Jessie to marry him.

His heart had never been so nervous and fiercely beating.

"Jessie, just get inside. I wanted to call you because I have something to tell you too. Let's go inside first."

Jessie was cold faced, and glared at Blake directly.

"Blake, tell me the truth. Have you secretly acquired the shares of the Lin Group? Have you transferred all the assets of Darren and put under my name? It was you, right?"

Facing Jessie's questions, the gentle expression on Blake's face suddenly turned cold.

Suddenly a breeze blew away the short hair of Jessie on her cheek. Her red and swollen cheek instantly dispelled his anger. With distressed look on his face, he asked, "Did Darren hit you?"

Just when he reached out to touch her swollen cheek, Jessie pushed his hand back.

"Stay with my question. I just want to ask you, were you behind those things?"

Looking at each other, the atmosphere suddenly dropped to the freezing point.

They had never been like this before since their childhood.

"Yes!" Blake turned to be indifferent as before. He answered directly. He didn't think he had done anything wrong.

She completely didn't understand him or his painstaking efforts at all.

"Why did you do that? Did the Lin family owe you, or did I owe you? Why you did this to me? Why you did this to the Lin family?"

Jessie questioned him.

The Lin family had been very kind to the Wu family since Jessie was young. Hunk Wu worked as a legal counselor of the Lin Group after he graduated. Later, when Hunk Wu was more experienced, Darren also helped him setting up his own law firm. Darren often introduced his friends to him. Darren even spent lots of efforts on Hunk Wu's marriage and child, as well as Blake's further education abroad.

Someone even said that Darren treated Hunk Wu better than his own family. But why did Blake still treat the Lin family, the Lin Group like this!

She couldn't understand! She really couldn't understand!

"Why? Jessie, you really didn't know or did you just pretend that you didn't know that?" Gritting his teeth, Blake glared at Jessie angrily. He grabbed her han

d and said, "Jessie, I've loved you for ten years! I don't believe you didn't feel anything. I did all these for you. Because I love you. I love you so much. I don't want to see you suffer. I don't want you to be hit by Darren. I don't want you to be hurt!"

"Love me?" Jessie sneered, "If you really loved me, you won't put me in such a situation. You made me unfaithful and unfilial. No matter how badly Darren treated me, he is always my father. Have you ever considered my feelings before you did that? !"

Jessie fiercely threw away his hand, and her reddened eyes turned to watch him.

How hypocritical he was!

Was that the excuse for him to act recklessly and hurt others in the name of love?

Before he did so many things in the name of loving her, did he ever think about whether she needed it or not?

If she had to put her happiness above the pain of her family, she would rather not do that!

"Without considering your feelings? Jessie, what did I do wrong? Why did you look at me like this? I have seen you living a life worse than a servant. Do you want me to ignore it? I can't! That's not love. My love for you didn't allow me to accept that! After all, Darren was your father. But did he really treat you as his daughter? Did he even care about you when he said he was going to marry you to that cripple?

Don't think that when you always hide your feelings from others, and no one would know it. You took them as your family, but what they have done to you? When Darren whipped you and your mother, did he care about you and treat you as his daughter? Jessie, don't be silly! Darren, and the whole Lin family, they don't care about you at all!"

Jessie lowered her head, biting her lips. She clenched her fists, and kept silent.

Yes, Blake was right. For the Lin family, for Darren, it was no difference whether she lived with them or not. She didn't care!

All she cared about was her mother and her brother. She only hoped that they could live a happy life. Whether she was fine or not didn't matter to her at all.

Seeing that Jessie lived a constrained life like that, Blake felt his heart aching like being cut by a knife.

Darren was really nice to his family. Blake also knew that it was not right to do so, but he did this just for Jessie. You could call him selfish or whatever, he did it anyway.

In his heart, Jessie only belonged to him. No one could bully her, let alone watch her sad and did nothing for her.

"Jessie, I'm sorry! I was wrong! Please don't be mad at me!" Blake held Jessie in his arms and said in a low voice, "Although Darren has lost his shares, you are the largest shareholder and you are a member of the Lin family. He can keep the position of CEO with your approval, he still could be the leader of the Lin Group.

After we get married, they can continue to live in the house they are living now. I did not really mean to destroy the Lin family. I just wanted to let them learn to put themselves in the position of others. I really don't want to see you be bullied by them again. I really felt bad about that."

Get married....

Jessie was too scared to move. She felt a mixture of feelings.

Not to mention what Blake had done was right or wrong. He did that just because he loved her. Jessie was really moved in her heart. She thought that no one in the world would care about her, let alone her life. However, she did not expect that Blake would take such a big move just to let her escape from that home and take the initiative.

Unfortunately, she was not that lucky.

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