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   Chapter 16 The Ownership of the Lin Group has Changed

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"How did I give birth to a person like you, doing such thing behind our back! If I had known that you were such a person, I would have strangled you. Why should I keep you by my side and cause trouble for myself?"

When a burning pain coming from her cheek, Jessie looked at Darren blankly, feeling both aggrieved and funny.

She had thought that she would lead a better life after she married into the Lan family. After all, she was the daughter-in-law of the Lan family. Even if he hated her, he should at least show respect to the Lan family.

However, on the first day after their wedding, what's waiting for her wasn't a smile but a slap in the face!

"Did I do something wrong again?" Jessie roared, "You always slapped me for everything since I was little. I wanted to ask you why you gave birth to me. Since you hated me so much, why did you raise me up! Although I'm your biological daughter, even a servant wouldn't live a horrible life like me. You said I did something behind your back. I want to say that it's impossible to find a father as cruel as you in the world!"


Darren was furious. He raised his hand and wanted to slap her again. Jessie glared at him with hatred. "Just do it! It's a matter of course for father to beat his own daughter. If you have the guts, beat me to death today!"

"Well, do you think I dare not beat you? If I don't beat you to death today, I'm not Darren Lin."

When Darren was about to pick up the whip, Ivy held him back. She persuaded, "Darren, don't be angry. Beating her will not solve any problem. The most important thing is to solve the problem at hand."

Darren turned his head to look at Ivy and his hand which was holding the whip slowly loosened.

Seeing what happened between Ivy and Darren, Jessie felt suspicious and wondered what had happened.

Even if she irritated him before, he never took out the whip in advance. But today, obviously, Darren was well prepared.

Besides, she can't believe that Ivy would speak for her today?!

Didn't she wish Darren hated her deeply? And it would be better if she and her mother could be expelled from the Lin family. How could she persuade Darren today?

It must be something wrong with the Lin Group.

However, what did that have to do with her?!

Suddenly, Darren threw a pile of documents on Jessie. He said coldly, "You feel aggrieved, don't you? Just take a look at these! My daughter colluded with others to encroach on my family property. Jessie, I didn't expect you to be so capable!"

Giving a glance at Darren, Jessie picked up the files on the ground and leafed through them one by one.

The first one was the equity list of the Lin Group.

There was nothing wrong from the top. When she saw the last two lines, she was shocked.

Blake owned 20%, and Jessie owned 40%! That was to say, the largest shareholder of the Lin Group was herself! If she allied with Blake, they had the final say on the whole Lin Group!

However, Darren, who used to be the largest shareholder and the president of the Lin Group, as well as Ivy, were not included in the list.

The second file was the details of Darren's assets.

Darren's original assets were more than 38 million dollars, and the most valuable immovable property was the villa he was living in now. But when Jessie saw the name on the copy of the latest certificate of the property ownership, she trembled and didn't know what to do.

"That's impossible! How could that happen? That's impossible..."

"Impossible? Jessie, don't you dare to commit it? No matter how badly your father treated you, he had raised you for at least twenty years. If it weren't your father, your crazy mother and your brother would have starved to death on the street. How dare you conspire against your father's property? I can understand your hatred to us. But have you ever

thought about your crazy mother? I really can't imagine that you can be so cruel to us!"

"I didn't!" Jessie retorted loudly.

"You didn't? Then how do you explain the equity? And why are all these house properties under your name?"

"I... I..."

Just when Jessie was bewildered, Irene went downstairs. She walked quickly to her and slapped her.

This slap was more violent and painful for Jessie than Darren's whip!

"Mom.... You don't you believe me?" No matter how Darren bullied her or how vicious Ivy cursed her, Jessie had never felt sad.

In the face of all this, she only felt numb and used to it. As long as she thought of her mother and brother, she could bear all these pains.

But it never occurred to her that even Irene looked at her like that.

She had tried so hard to protect them, but they did not even trust her!

Her heart was painful as if it was torn by a knife. Although Darren didn't beat her with his whip, the slap from Irene made her more painful than death.

Tears kept rolling in her eyes. Jessie gritted her teeth and stubbornly restrained herself, trying to hold back her tears.

She didn't do it. Why should she cry!

Although Irene beat Jessie, but as her mother, she felt even more painful. Tears were all over Irene's face.

"How can I trust you? I used to think that you were aggrieved. I felt bad that I hurt you. But now, the evidence is clear. Why didn't you admit it? Jessie, how sinister are you? Do you really want to see our whole family die in front of you! Will you happy for that? Give all these things back to your father. Otherwise, I have never had a daughter like you!"

Faced with the threat of Irene, Jessie smiled sadly.

It turned out that in their hearts, she was such a person! They had given birth to her and raised her up. They lived together for twenty years. How could they look at her in this way? Even her mother who had given birth to her....

No matter how vicious she was, she wouldn't want the Lin family to be failed completely.

She wasn't that kind of person!

Her body kept shaking. She had never been so overwhelmed like today. In the past, she felt aggrieved. But she knew that she didn't do anything wrong, and she was not afraid.

But now, the fact was in front of her. Even though she felt aggrieved, she did not know how to explain.

Jessie left the house of the Lin family right after she said she will find out the truth and drove away. Not until then did Darren found that Mark was also present. When he was about to walk over to explain, he saw Mark turned around. Mark got in the car and left.

Darren's anxiety increased as he saw what Mark had done.

Even though Jessie and Mark had met each other only for few times, now Jessie has been Mark's wife already. Darren didn't have an insight of Mark's attitude about Jessie.

If he didn't like her, and in his mind that Jessie was just dispensable, that wouldn't be a problem even if he saw what had happened today.

But if he liked Jessie, the Lin family would be in danger.

He was well aware of the conflict between Nelson and Mark. As long as the result of the battle within the Lan family was still uncertain, Darren would not relax his vigilance for even one day.

It seemed that he forced Jessie to marry to Mark because he wanted Jessie to gather information for Nelson. He also wanted that Jessie could get along well with Mark. In this way, no matter who wins the battle in the future, it will be harmless to the Lin family.

But he didn't expect that Blake would like Jessie. What's more, he even helped her secretly control the Lin Group, which made it impossible for him to defend effectively.

In the past, he could use Irene and Frank Lin to blackmail Jessie. But now, it seemed that everything was going in the wrong direction.

He had to be more careful in the future.

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