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   Chapter 14 Divorce right after Marriage

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No sooner had Jessie walked, a silver-grey car stopped beside her. A man got off from the driver's seat and went to her, showing great respect, and said, "Mrs. Jessie, Mr. Mark asked me to pick you up. Please get in the car."

Mr. Mark?

Jessie looked at him in surprise, with her eyes full of doubt and confusion.

Mark.... Would he send someone to pick her up out of kindness? He must be kidding!

Even if he was disfigured, she could be sure that no matter how handsome he used to be, he was only a zombie face. Looking at his arrogance, he didn't care about anyone else, so she knew that even a dog wouldn't like him.

Pick her up! God knew what tricks he had made!

No matter how unhappy she was, Jessie finally got on the car obediently.

Half an hour later, the car stopped at the entrance of a six-star hotel in X City. With doubts, she followed Victor Hu into the hotel.

"Jessie, why did you come here so late? Although you are the bride today, it's so impolite to let others wait here." At the sight of Jessie, Ivy rushed to her and held her hands as if they were very close.

"I'm sorry."

"Well, you have frightened the kid. That's fine. Don't just stand there. Take a seat."

Nelson wore a smile on his face. Jessie nodded. Just when she was wondering where to sit, Victor Hu pulled out the chair beside Mark, she had no choice but braced herself to sit down.

Looking around the dining table, she found that they were all people from both the Lan family and the Lin family.

As far as Jessie knew, there were three children in the Lan family, and Mark was the youngest one. He had two elder brothers, but she had never seen them before. At this moment, Mark suddenly said, "let me introduce to you. This is my eldest brother, Leslie, and next to him is my second eldest brother, Edward."

Jessie nodded and greeted them politely, "nice to meet you, Leslie and Edward."

Edward Lan merely nodded with a smile. Leslie Lan laughed and said, "Mark, you are so lucky to marry such a good wife. Like I said, our father has partiality for you. Look at my younger sister-in-law, she is not only young and pretty, but also considerate and tender. Why don't I have such a good wife?"

Even though Leslie Lan was complimenting her, his eyes, like those of a wolf, were exposing in front of the people.

The only people who attended the wedding from the Lin family were Darren, Ivy, and her so-called sister, Ellie. Anyway, today was her wedding day. At the thought that other daughters would get married with their mother's blessing, she thought about her mother.... At the thought of this, Jessie's heart began to ache violently.

Although these people at the table were smiling, they were all with murderous intent behind one's smiles. They were all ruthless.

Jessie looked sideways at Mark. Although his legs were disabled and his face was disfigured, no one could guarantee that he was not the tough one?

Like father, like son!

Nelson was a cunning old fox. His eldest brother was also a bad guy. Although his second elder brother looked gentle and refined, the more harmless he looked, the more cautious should be paid on him.

At the thought of this, Jessie sighed silently. She really hoped that her future would not be too wonderful!

"Jessie, you should have a grand wedding ceremony with Mark, but you saw his condition. His legs and feet hurt so much that he didn't want to go out to see others. The wedding...... As the head of the Lan family, I'm so sorry for it." Nelson said with a loo

k of guilt, as if he was really suffering from his injustice to Jessie.

"Uncle Nelson, don't say that. In fact, I don't want to hold a wedding ceremony either. It's good to have a simple meal like this."

Jessie just smiled. Everyone could be hypocritical. It would depend on who he was facing.

"Darren! You taught your daughter really well. I was so lucky to have such a daughter-in-law in our Lan family! She is great!"

"Oh, I am flattered."

Seeing Nelson and Darren greeting each other, Jessie felt sick.

'Inconvenient for his legs? Unwilling to see people?

Since they had met each other for the first time, she had seen Mark's sharp attitude. Everyone could say the grand words. Did they really think she was a brainless idiot?

Only one simple meal as her wedding ceremony, did they really taking her as a beggar that they could treat casually? !'

Jessie sneered in her heart, full of disdain and contempt.

But it didn't matter. Anyway, he didn't love her, and she didn't love him either.

It was just a conspiracy in the name of marriage.

Maybe they would kick her out of the game soon.

However, she had to act well at present.

During the meal, Jessie just sat there, playing the role of a considerate daughter. Mark sat there and didn't say anything. What she did seemed to have nothing to do with him. He was just drinking tea and playing with his cell phone.

Finally, when Jessie was about to left and get in the car, she was told that she would live in the Lan family's house from today on, and her stuff had been moved there.

When Darren saw the hatred and murderous look in Jessie's black eyes, a hint of fear inexplicably rose from the bottom of his heart. Seeing Jessie reaching out her hands, Darren shrank subconsciously. Realizing that she just wanted to hug him, he couldn't help the embarrassment at the bottom of his eyes.

Even though the movement was very slight, but Jessie saw it clearly.

"Father, thank you for raising me up for the past twenty years. I will definitely repay you." Then she stepped into Mark's car with reluctance.


"Stop the car." The car stopped halfway.

"Get off the car and wait for me."

Jessie watched Victor Hu getting off the car and standing not far from the car. She asked in doubt, "what's wrong?"

After giving her a glance, Mark took out a document and threw it to her, said, "sign it."

Jessie was confused. She picked it up. Divorce agreement?!

She turned her face to look at Mark and went back to the divorce agreement. It only had few words, "party A voluntarily waives all property of Party B!"

She held the agreement in her hands, thinking of something.

She thought for a while and said, "since it's so difficult, why did you agree?"

"You don't need to know. All you need to do is to sign it." His voice was cold and emotionless like the king of hell in the dark night.

Although Jessie never held any hope of this marriage, she was inevitably a little unhappy when she saw this.

"What if I don't?" Jessie said with her head down, although her voice was inaudible, she had to say it.

'Jessie, I don't care what kind of method you use. You can't get divorce with Mark...' Darren's words haunted her. She would rather be a nun than marry such a man if he didn't force her!

"Really?" With a sneer, Mark said, "then have a try. Offending me will bring you more pain than offending Darren."

Clutching the divorce agreement, Jessie looked at Mark's side face suspiciously with her dark apricot eyes.

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