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   Chapter 12 What's Sure to be Gained was Lost

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After a while, a sinister smile emerged on his lips. He raised his eyes and said, "George, I am counting on you. Don't let me down. The money will be soon sent to your account, but, there's one more thing I want you to do."

"Go ahead. As long as I can do it, I will definitely abide by my promise."

Blake glanced at George and took out a disc from his briefcase. He handed it to George and said, "this is the direct evidence of Jessie's intentional homicide. If she still refused to accept my request in 48 hours, you can expose this."

George looked at the disk on the table, puzzled.

"Blake, do you really want to kill her? You said you liked her. Why did you have to be so hard on her. After all, a murderer might be sentenced to death. Even if it's not death penalty, it would be life imprisonment. Have you thought it through?"

Of course, Blake knew what George meant. He was born in a well-known family in the field of law. His father was a lawyer and his mother was a judge. The law articles were easy for him.

The truth was that he arranged Jessie to be charged as intentional homicide. He didn't want to see Jessie suffer. But he knew clearly that if he wanted her to remember his kindness forever, he must help her when she was in danger of life and death and no one else would help her. He thought that today's interrogation would somewhat scared Jessie, and made her helpless, but it turned out that the situation wasn't as he expected.

In his eyes, Jessie was just a meek Cinderella. Nobody loved her since her childhood, and she even didn't say a "no" in the Lin family, let alone refute. Instead, Jessie, in front of him now, was quick minded, logical and calm. She wasn't inferior to him at all.

All in all, nothing ventured, nothing gained. He had to go for it.

The detention room was a small space less than ten square meters. Except for a small table made of brick that was even smaller than a single bed, there was only a half open bathroom. Jessie curled up her legs and leaned against the wall. She quietly looked around with her bright almond eyes.

She had never thought that she would be locked in such a place, let alone to be involved in a homicide case.

Intentional homicide! What a crime! She wouldn't dare to do this.

But who would believe that?

The news that the daughter of the Lin Group was suspected of intentional homicide was already a great one in the city, but from the moment she was put in here, more than ten hours had passed, no one in the Lin family had ever came.

Even Blake came and went away after a quick glance.

She had always believed in relying on herself for everything, and she had never relied on anyone, let alone be dependent on anyone else. Now it turned out that she was right.

Even if she wanted to rely on someone, no one would let her rely on, wasn't it?

Just like now, she didn't care whether she would be convicted or not. She didn't care what kind of life she would live in the future. If she was really convicted of intentional homicide, she still had to worry about her mother and her brother who had been expelled.

She seemed to be born for them. As long as they were good, everything was good!

As the time went by, Blake watched Jessie through the monitor, including the look in her eyes and the expression on her face. He looked at her very carefully. There were never wars

that he couldn't win in his life. Just like this time, he was sure that Jessie would marry him.

When Jessie was taken out of the detention room, she thought the police officer had found other evidence. When she entered the interrogation room and saw Blake, she was immediately relieved.

"Jessie, how are you doing? Did they bully you? You have lost a lot of weight in such a short time." With a nervous and distressed look on his face, Blake held Jessie's hand.

Jessie pretended to be relieved and smiled. She drew back her hand from him, fiddled her hair on her forehead and said, "Blake, don't be nervous. See, I'm fine."

"How can you still have the mood to laugh?" Blake immediately turned on an angry look and pretended to be worried. He gently rebuked, "the situation now is very tense. You are still laughing? Aren't you afraid that they will find evidence to charge you?"

Jessie shrugged. She had to listen to God's will for this kind of thing.

She believed that since she didn't intentionally kill that man, there would not be any evidence which can accuse her of intentional homicide. However, if somebody had found the evidence, it only explained one thing -- someone had deliberately tried to frame her up!

It was better to face all this calmly than to live in worry.

Looking at her indifferent face, Blake was not as sure as before.

He didn't know what to do with Jessie. It seemed that Jessie was standing in the fog. She was real, but blur at the same time. She was unpredictable.

He stared at her for a few seconds and said, "Jessie, Mr. Darren has known about that. Now this case has been the hot news in the city. Mr. Darren was very angry. I've tried to persuade him these days, hoping that he can find someone to help you, but he..."

"Blake, thank you. You don't have to go to him anymore. I know that he won't spend any effort on me. To be honest, if I could choose, I would rather not to be his daughter."

"Silly girl, even if he doesn't care about you, I won't give up. I know I am not strong enough, but I will do my best to protect you. Jessie, even if you don't consider yourself, you have to consider your mother and brother. It's not difficult for you to leave the Lin family. When this matter is settled, we can get married and leave here, so that you can leave the Lin family forever."


Her hand was held tight again by Blake and this time it was much more powerful than last time.

Jessie stared at him, stunned and shocked, although she had felt his love for her long before.

"Blake, you..."

"Jessie, since I came back to China when I was 20 years old, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. I also thought that I was just like you for a moment, and you were only 10 years old. I thought that I would forget you in a period of time. But as time went by, my love for you did not decrease, but became increasingly stronger. Jessie, that's why I'm still single. I know I am abrupt today, but I want you to know that I really love you. I don't care who you are. I will always love you. If this case settled down, I hope you can marry me."

"Jessie Lin, you can leave now."

An abrupt voice came. The two protagonists who were putting on an affectionate proposal were like having no time to say 'cut'. Their faces were confused. They didn't regain their composure back until the police officer repeated it.

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