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   Chapter 11 Intentional Homicide !

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 7138

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When she got out of bed, it occurred to her that her clothes were torn by that beast. Jessie cursed for a while. When she was about to call the reception desk and ask them to send her some clothes, she heard a knock on the door.

"Nice to meet you, miss. I am the room service."

Jessie picked up the bathrobe on the sofa and opened the door vigilantly.

"Hello, miss. This is the clothes you want."

"The clothes?" Jessie looked at her suspiciously. Just when she wanted to call someone to send clothes, and there she was! Since she had got something ready-made, she would not waste it.

"Put it on the sofa."

Seeing the clothes on the sofa, Jessie was confused.

Who would know that she was naked?


Absolutely impossible!

He failed last night. And she kicked him "there". How could he send her clothes? He must have hated her so much.

Is it.... The man last night?

The moment the door was closed, someone knocked on it again.

When she opened the door, she saw three men in police uniform.

"Excuse me, are you Jessie Lin?" The male police officer standing front spoke.

"Yes, I am. What can I do for you?" Although she said it calmly, she started to feel nervous in her heart.

"We are from the Public Security Bureau. We suspected that the traffic accident you did in the early morning on 8th of this month was an intentional homicide. Please come with us."

"Intentional... Homicide?" Jessie looked at the police in surprise.

Although she wanted to defend herself, she knew that the police would never come to her if they couldn't find evidence. She changed her clothes and went with the police.

On the way to the police office, Jessie wanted to call Blake, but she didn't want to bother him before she figured out what had happened. She just sent him a message, saying that she couldn't be there temporarily.

Police Office

Last time when the car accident had happened, Jessie was just inquired by the police to take her statement in the hall. But this time, she was taken to an independent room. Jessie looked around. There were cameras at four corners of the room. Facing her was a black single plane glass. Did they really regard her as a murderer?

At this time, two police officers came in and sat directly opposite to Jessie.

The police officer sitting on the left put a picture on the table and asked, "miss Jessie, do you know this man?"

Jessie shook her head, "No."

"Are you sure you don't know him? His name is Ian Liu. He was the deceased you intentionally killed in the car accident in the early morning on 8th."

With a cold look, Jessie demonstrated a stubborn and arrogant look on her fair oval face. She took a closer look at the man in the photo and questioned, "do you have any evidence which had proved that I hit him on purpose? I did hit him, but it was not on purpose!"

"Okay, okay. Take a closer look. Is that you in the photo?" The police officer on the right put another stack of photos in front of Jessie.

Jessie glanced at the police officer and took a careful look at the photos. Then she said, "yes, sir."

Hearing that, the policeman on the right slapped the table and yelled immediately, "then can you swear that you didn't know him?"

"I really didn't know him. Besides, one photo doesn't mean anything."

"Doesn't mean anything?" The police officer sneered, "miss Jessie, look carefully. Why did you and the deceased both appeared in these photos? These photos were found from the students of a photography association. Do you thi

nk it's such a coincidence to take you and the deceased in different cameras at the same time? If you had nothing to do with the deceased, then please explain these photos to me."

Jessie didn't say a word. Biting her lips, she fixed her eyes on the man in the photo.

She was sure that she didn't know the man at all. If she had to explain, she could only say this was only a 'coincidence'. However, this 'coincidence' was such a coincidence.

"So, what do you want to say?" The police urged.

Jessie raised her eyes to look at him. A bitter smile played on her lips. She said, "I don't know how you want me to explain this. Since you've firmly believed that I know the deceased, I think no matter how I explain, you won't believe me. I just want to say that even if the person and I were in the same photos, even though they were not taken by the same person, it didn't mean anything? You can see the background in the photos. It is obvious that they were taken in a carnival. It was a lively place and I believe that many people would go there. Moreover, the deceased is a human. It's not surprising that he and I were taken in the photos. If you examined other pictures carefully, I might have been seen in the same picture with many of others at the same time. I know that you police officers have worked very hard and were under a lot of pressure. But if this was the evidence you want to charge me, I think it is really far-fetched."

The two police officers were shocked by Jessie's calm. They were just entrusted to put her in jail, but they did not expect that she was so tough.

After the two of them looked at each other, the police officer on the right was suddenly angered. He stood up and roared, "Jessie Lin, don't think that you are the daughter of the Lin Group and you can do whatever you want. Even if this evidence was not enough to convict you, we can detain you for 48 hours. I suspect that you are involved in a case of intentional homicide. Now, you are not allowed to be bailed out within 48 hours. Take her out!"

When Jessie was just taken out of the interrogation room, she saw Blake coming in in a hurry.

"Jessie, why didn't you tell me when you were taken away? No matter what happens to you, I can help you solve it. You don't need to face it alone. No matter what happens, I'm here with you. Don't be afraid."

There were still people in the world who cared about her so much. Jessie was touched and grateful for that. However, she had been used to facing everything by herself. Even if she was really afraid, really scared, she would not allow herself to be a little reliant on others.

She knew that the best thing for her was to rely on herself!

"Blake, don't be nervous. It's all right now."

"All right? Miss Jessie, you are so ambitious. Don't think that you will be fine as the lawyer arrived. We still have to detain you for 48 hours. You should pray that we won't find the evidence to arrest you so soon, or you won't have to leave here. Let's go."

Jessie looked at Blake with a faint smile, indicating him that don't worry about her, and then left with the police officer. Watching her back disappear in the hallway, Blake went to the office with a smile.

"Well, I have done what you asked me to do. Are you satisfied?" said George Wang, the leader of criminal investigation team, who had just burst into anger, and detained Jessie just now.

Blake stared at the video in the computer, with his hand against his chin, and a pair of deep eyes were giving off a faint of appalling air.

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