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   Chapter 8 Impressive Apology

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Early in the morning, Blake came to report to Darren about the car accident. Seeing that Jessie was going out, he asked her to accompany him.

"What? Jessie, are you really going to marry Mr. Mark?"

Jessie stayed quietly.

She didn't want to get married. She believed that no one would want to marry a man whom she didn't even know at all, not to mention he was disabled.

But it seemed that she had no choice!

She was destined to be a pawn of Darren. If she didn't marry now, she wouldn't know what kind of person he would find and make her marry in the future. Now she could still marry into the Lan family and be Mr. Mark's wife. If not, Darren might sell her in the future, who knows?

Along the way, both of them were speechless. Blake would look for some topics, but in the end, they all ended in Jessie's silence.

Ah Choo!

Seeing that Jessie sneezed, the air conditioner was switched off at once. Jessie asked, "Blake, do you have any tissue? I forgot to bring some. "

Blake took a piece of tissue from the backseat and handed it to her. Suddenly, he saw a dark red wound on her hand, he asked nervously, "what's wrong with your hand?"

"I'm fine. I just got hurt by accident." Jessie drew her hand back, Blake turned to look at her suspiciously.

Hurt? It looked like that she was beaten with something. How could she be so careless to hurt herself?

Knowing that Jessie didn't want to talk about it, Blake didn't ask anything. He could find the fact anyway, as long as he wanted to.

After more than half an hour, the car stopped not far from the villa of the Lan family.

Blake actually wanted to send her to the gate of the Lan family's villa, but he gave up because Jessie refused.

The Lan Family

The big living room was silent, and the low atmosphere was so depressing that it was hard for people to breathe.

Sitting on the opposite side of Nelson Lan, Jessie slightly clenched her fists, looking nervous.

Nelson Lan was in his fifties and looked quite majestic. He frowned and looked gloomy, which frightened Jessie.

"Uncle Nelson, I'm here to apologize to you. I'm really sorry for breaking my promise last time. "

"Sorry?" With a snort, Nelson Lan leaned against the sofa with his feet crossed and said in a deep voice, "you don't have to feel sorry. Since our Lan family was a noble one, we really don't care if you do take the marriage as a big deal or not. Although Mark has some health problems, there are still many rich Ladies having crush on him."

"……" Jessie felt very funny and didn't know what to say!

'Did all parents think that their children were the best, no matter how bad they were?

Not to mention that Mark was only a disabled person, also a disabled person who had been disfigured. What were they proud of?! Did they really think that I wanted to marry him so much?

I was forced too!'

"Uncle Nelson, I didn't mean to break my promise last time. Really! I was about to go to school the other morning. The moment I got in the car, I was knocked out, and then I was taken to a place far away.... It took me a long time to manage to escape from the horrible place, but I lost my way and rolled down the mountain. Fortunately, I was saved by the villagers and thus I got a chance to survive. Uncle Nelson, look at these wounds."

While speaking, Jessie lifted her sleeves, revealing the wound on her arms, and her watery eyes tried to squeeze out a few tears. The pitiful look made people

feel sorry for her.

"Alright! It's all over now. Just let it go. Darren should have told me about it. He really should not ask a little girl like you to come and apologize..... Well, I'm not angry now. But you have to go upstairs and explain to Mark."

Nelson Lan didn't want to say anything more. He didn't want to waste too much time on it. He will just let her off.

Seeing that Nelson Lan was not angry any more, Jessie looked to the second floor too.

What kind of person would Mark be?

Would he be as easily deceived as Nelson Lan?

Jessie thought Nelson Lan didn't figure out that she was faking, but actually, he figured out already. Although she did get hurt on her body, she was still too young for such a cunning fox like him.

However, no matter what, Nelson Lan would let Jessie be a part of their family. After all, she was too important for him!

"Excuse me, is Mr. Mark there?"

"Mr. Mark is waiting for you in the lounge on the third floor. Please follow me."

"Okay, thank you."

Not until today did Jessie know how wealthy the Lan family was.

She had thought that the Lan family had only one house like hers, and everyone in it had lived together. However, in the Lan family, there were four villas standing in a large garden, and the front one was the main villa, where Nelson Lan lived. The other three sons, from old to young, lived in the rest villas in sequence.

Mark, the third son of the Lan family, was living in the last villa.

"Mr. Mark, Miss Jessie is here."

"Well, you can go now. Don't come in without my order."

When Jessie saw the servant coming downstairs, she felt very scared suddenly.

"So, you are Jessie Lin?" The man with his back to her suddenly shook his wheelchair and turned around, facing her.

Looking at the man in the silver mask, her heart couldn't help trembling. 'Okay, that's what mark look like.' Jessie thought.

"Yes. I came here today to apologize to you."

"Apologize?" Mark chuckled, "haven't you ever heard that I never accept oral apology?"

"……" Jessie was confused and asked, "what do you want?"

A glimmer of surprise flashed through his deep eyes. Good! It seemed that she was not stupid!

"Look at me. I'm the third son of the Lan family. I can get anything I want! "

Raising his eyebrows, Mark looked at her, wondering what answer she would give him.

In the beginning, when he heard that Nelson found him a fiancée, he felt very disgusted. The ladies he saw were all hypocritical, and the head on their neck were just makeup, which didn't work at all.

As for Jessie, he came to see her with the thought that she might be different from others. After all, the "prison break" and the "explosion" that day really had impressed him.

He would like to see if this woman was really different from others.

Standing there numbly, Jessie put her little head in operation.

What else could he need?

"What's your decision?"

"If I guess it right, you won't cancel the engagement, will you?"

Mark looked at her silently, 'is she so eager to marry me? Even if I am a man who is disfigured and disabled?

Huh! Jessie, you turned out just a superficial woman too!

After a while, Mark said, "if you're right, we can get married right away."

For Jessie, what Mark said was enough. She tried to relax, "okay! You must keep your word."

Then she strode to Mark, took off the silver mask on his face and kissed him on the lips with her eyes closed.

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