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   Chapter 7 Domestic Violence

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"If I don't beat you to death today, I won't call myself Darren Lin!" After saying that, he whipped her harder.

Jessie sat on the ground, holding herself with her hands, biting her teeth, and letting the whip on her delicate skin continuously.

Her body was stained with blood, which was too horrible.

Suddenly, she was held tight in someone's arms, which kept her body away from the whip. Jessie raised her head and saw a pair of gentle eyes.

"Mom is here! Jessie, don't worry!"


"Don't be afraid. I won't allow anyone to hurt you..."

Looking at Irene's pale face caused by pain, Jessie couldn't hold back her tears.

Every time when she was scolded and beaten by Darren, and even bullied by Ivy and Ellie, she had wished that her mother could come out to protect her and comfort her. However, whenever she suffered from injustice and wanted to see her mother, her mother would give her the cold shoulder. Her mother even treated her as if she were Ivy and try to kill her with a knife.

At this moment, being protected tight by her mother, she felt extremely happy.

Even if she was beaten all over the body, she also felt that it was worth it.

"Irene, get out of my way!" Darren yelled at others, "take this crazy woman away. Who let her out?"

Darren ordered. But the servants were so scared that they dared do anything.

"Darren, are you still a human being? Jessie, was your biological daughter! How can you treat her so cruelly! You can beat me to death if you want! Leave her alone! I will get Jessie in trouble if I am alive. Kill me if you dare!"

Irene didn't care how hurt she was, she held Jessie in her arms. She knew that Jessie had suffered a lot because of her. Not only did she not take care of her as her mother, but she also often did something to hurt her.

She didn't, really didn't mean to.

But every time, she was out of control.

She even had considered to perish together with Darren when she was sober. However, in the end, she could not make up her mind.

"I'm cruel? Why didn't you ask what your daughter has done! She almost ruined our Lin family!"

"Exactly. Look at what your daughter is like. We've tried so hard to find her a good husband, but she didn't like it. You know, she is lucky to marry Mr. Mark."

"Shut up!" Looking at Ivy's disdainful and vicious face, Irene suddenly stood up and scolded, "Ivy, who do you think you are! Do you really think I don't know that you want to make Jessie marrying a cripple? Since you say so, why don't you let your daughter marry that man! Let me tell you, I am still Mrs. Lin even if I am absolutely ill and crazy. And you are just a shameless mistress! As long as I am alive, you will never be Mrs. Lin."

With a slap, Darren stretched out his hand and slapped Irene in her face.

"Mom..." Bearing pains, Jessie stood up. She hugged Irene with sympathy, and roared at Darren, "Darren, how dare you hit my mother? You have no right to hit her. Just come at me if you are angry. Leave her alone."

"Do you think I won't do that?"

As he spoke, he raised the whip to her again.

Seeing both of them were beaten up, Ivy didn't feel satisfied. She clenched her fists and glared at Jessie and Irene viciously.

The title of Mrs. Lin had always been a thorn in her heart over the years. She had followed Darren for so many years in order to get into the Lin family and become Mrs. Lin. If it wasn't Irene, she wouldn't be in such an awkward pos


She had tried every means to persuade Darren to divorce Irene, but he had thousands of reasons to refuse. Even if Irene was locked up in a room and ignored, he still had no intention of getting a divorce.

But now, Irene threaten her and curse her like this. She hated Irene even more.

Irene had been locked up in her room for many years. She was sick, so she couldn't resist after being whipped by Darren.

Her body became heavier and heavier. Slowly, she leaned against Jessie's body and passed out.

"Mom!" Seeing that Irene still didn't react to what they were saying, Jessie held her with one hand, and pulled the whip that had been just thrown towards her with the other hand. She roared, "that's enough. My mother fainted. Darren, are you really happy if you have beaten us to death?"

"……" Darren put down the whip and felt anxious. He said to the servant, "go and call the doctor, take Mrs. Irene to her room."

Looking at Jessie and Darren upstairs, Ivy's beautiful face twisted ferociously. The seeds of darkness in her heart were slowly growing.

Soon, the doctor came over after receiving a phone call. After the examination, the doctor prescribed medicine for trauma and left after said a few words.

"As you can see, your mother has suffered a lot because of you. If it weren't for you, would she have to bear these whip?"

Jessie turned to look at Darren. Although her mom was beaten because of her, but who did that to her? If he was not that cruel, how could they end up like this?

Seeing that she didn't answer him, Darren ordered, "go to visit the Lan family tomorrow. No matter what kind of method you use, you should make them calm down..... If you don't listen to me, I think you should know what the consequence will be."

Darren turned around and left. Standing next to the bedside, Jessie looked at the pale face of Irene and felt heartbroken.

"Mom, I'm sorry. It's all my fault." If it weren't for her, her mother wouldn't have been injured.

The Lan family..............

Looking at Irene, Jessie felt very tired when she thought of his younger brother, who had been cruelly moved to foreign countries by his father.

Was she really going to marry a cripple?


Jessie got up early next morning and sat on the bed alone, in a daze.

The vicious beating she had suffered yesterday refreshed her understanding about the malevolence attitude of Darren.

In the past, she had thought that if one day she couldn't help running away, perhaps Darren wouldn't deal with her mother and brother like he said. After all, one was his wife, and the other was his own son.

However, after what happened yesterday, she thought that the idea was too naive.

In Darren's heart, no one else mattered to him except himself.

Jessie sighed deeply. She went to the wardrobe and found a light blue dress with long sleeves. In order to cover the wound on her legs, she put on a pair of black stockings, and her black long hair naturally fell on her shoulder. And with a light makeup, her gaunt face looked much better.

"Father, I'm going to the Lan family's house."

Darren, who was having breakfast cast a glance at Jessie and gave her a yes, "have you decided?"

"Yes, I have."

Hearing that, Darren felt a little relieved. According to the current situation of the Lin Group, nothing should go wrong. Otherwise, the whole Lin family would be doomed.

He really hoped that everything would go smoothly.

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