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   Chapter 6 Mr. Mark was a 'Honey Slave'

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After hearing the terrifying explosion just now, his men could not believe what they saw.

She dared to play explosion games in front of Mr. Mark. Furthermore, Mr. Mark, the king of hell, who had never known what tolerant was, didn't even blame her.

If it was someone else, that someone else would go to hell to get reincarnation already. Everyone envied Jessie for that.

It turned out that Mr. Mark was also a 'honey slave'!

Seeing how calm he was, Jessie was not discouraged at all. There was a saying, "failure is the mother of success and perseverance means victory!"

'Since he didn't care about it at all, how about give him more surprises!

Not more surprises, let me get him in endless troubles!'

In the following days, Jessie enjoyed playing the game of balloon, making smokes and blowing up fountain.... In a word, she would never stop making troubles.

And the troubles became more and more troublesome!

What's more, she didn't do enough in the daytime and often had an explosion in the middle of the night, which almost scared them of mental disease.

No matter how they reported, Mark was still calm. He said every time "well, I know. Let her do it..." He even ignored her and let her do whatever she wanted in the villa.

Mr. Mark was calm, but his subordinates were not calm.

They were killers. They didn't kill people and do their job but saw a little girl making troubles in front of them, which made them suffer a lot.

If it went on like this, they would become babysitters. Killers would be their history!

The Lin Family

"Darren, don't be angry. It's not worth it if your body is affected"

"Humph! She had better not to come back. Otherwise, I'll teach her a lesson!"

Darren was furious about Jessie. The Lan family was discontented with the Lin family, because Jessie broke the appointment. They even thought that Jessie was a wild child without any education, so they proposed to cancel the engagement on the spot.

It was not easy for him to get the marriage engagement with the Lan family. If he had known what had happened and Jessie would end up in such a situation, he would have arranged Ellie to be engaged.

But regret would do nothing for him!

"Lee." The moment Lee heard his name, he came in immediately. Darren asked "did you find Miss. Jessie?"

"Not yet."

"Keep looking. Even if she is dead, find her body for me."

Suddenly, a servant trotted in and said, "master, Miss. Jessie is back."

Just as he finished speaking, Jessie came in.

"You finally come back? I thought you would live happily, regardless of your mother and brother. Do you know that we have offended the Lan family because of you? Have you ever thought about your father?" Ivy looked at Jessie with a disgusted face and provoked her continuously.

Jessie took a look at Ivy and then Darren.

Ivy glared at her as if she was a bad person and she would eat her up alive.

Jessie clenched her fists.

She knew that Darren would definitely punish her.

"Dad, I didn't mean to. I was kidnapped as soon as I went out that day."

"Kidnapped?" Darren looked at her suspiciously. Ivy snorted and questioned, "why didn't the kidnappers call and ask for money since you were kidnapped? They didn't get anything from you. How could you come back so easily? Jessie, if you want to lie, make up a good excuse. I don't believe it. We are not idiots."

"I..." Jessie didn't know what to sa

y. Although she felt wronged, she didn't know how to explain.

She knew that the kidnappers came for the jade pendant, but she would never tell anyone, unless she was sure who the jade pendant belonged to and if there was any secret in it. As for why the man suddenly let her go, she also wanted to know.

"Lucy, get me the whip."

The fact that Jessie had made up such a lame excuse angered Darren even more.

"Mr. Darren, Miss. Jessie..."

"Hurry up! If anyone dare to help her, I will punish her too!"

Apparently, Darren was telling Lucy. She had no choice but to go upstairs and get the whip.

There was dead silence in the villa.

"Lucy!" Darren shouted impatiently. As soon as he saw Lucy coming downstairs in a hurry, he scolded her, "it took you too long. Lucy, I think it's time for you to retire and go back to your hometown."


Lucy didn't dare to say a word. She gave the whip to Darren and stepped back silently.

Seeing that long whip, Jessie was frightened.

She had seen this whip before, which had been belonged to her grandfather. After her grandfather passed away, it belonged to Darren. She still remembered that her grandfather had told her that this whip was used by him to catch bad people in the broad grassland. At that time, in Jessie's heart, this whip was the representative of heroes.

But now, Darren was going to use it to whip her!

Darren raised the whip, and with a whipping sound, it fell fiercely on Jessie's body.

In an instant, her skin was split and her flesh was torn open, she was overwhelmed with pain!

"Darren, give her a hard punch. She is too stubborn. If you don't make up your mind and let her go, the Lin family will be ruined by her sooner or later."

Ivy sat on the sofa, gloating over Jessie's wound. She wouldn't feel a little bit pity if Darren killed her with a gun, let alone just whipping her.

It would be best if her mother and her brother died with her!

Clutching her body, Jessie kept dodging aside. Even though her body was bleeding, she still gritted her teeth without saying a word. Lucy looked at Jessie with sympathy. No matter what she did wrong, he shouldn't treat his daughter so cruelly.

"Mr. Darren, please stop...... Miss Jessie, please make an apology to Mr. Darren..."

"Apologize? Lucy, she should be punished. Don't plead for her. An apology can't make up her mistake."

Lucy ignored Ivy, and continued to persuade, "Mr. Darren, if you keep on whipping her, Miss. Jessie would die."

Darren was in a fit of anger. As Lucy tried to hold his hand, he flung Lucy on the ground. And the whip fell on Lucy as well. A long crack appeared on Lucy's clothes in an instant.

"Mother.." When Lee saw his mother was also whipped, he felt sorry for her and immediately went forward to hold her.

They could turn a blind eye to Darren's partiality. But Jessie was his daughter anyway. Even if not, he could not whip her like that!

Although Lee was angry, he could do nothing at the thought of the kindness that the Lin family took them in.

"Darren, are you a devil? You can hit me, and I won't hit back. Why did you hit Lucy? Do you really think you can do whatever you want? Darren, you'd better beat me to death today, or I won't spare you!"

Darren originally wanted to let Jessie off because he accidentally hurt Lucy. But he didn't expect that Jessie was so stubborn that she didn't yield.

How dare she threaten him!

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