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   Chapter 5 Mr. Mark Would Kill You

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Mark's men thought he would kill this woman, because Mr. Mark, the king of hell, was always out of patient. He would rather investigate by himself than waste one more minute here.


"Take her out."

"…… Yes."

Jessie's heart was thumped. Where were they taking her?

"Hey, where are you taking me to? Who the hell are you? Don't you know that I'm the daughter-in-law of the Lan family? If you dare to lay a finger on me, I'm afraid that Mr. Mark would kill you!"

All his men looked at Mark, and then Jessie. They were all stunned.

'If we heard it right....... Is she Mr. Mark's wife?

It can't be true!'

His men exchanged looks with each other and made eye contact with each other.

"She is Mr. Mark's wife. Should we take her out or not?" said one of them.

Another one said, "we should follow Mr. Mark's order. Otherwise, we will be in real trouble."

The third one said, "look! They were a couple. What if they made peace later? It's not easy for our outsiders to deal with. Besides, if we hurt her, we will be responsible for it." They were all confused and didn't know what to do.

They burst into tears. What was going on between them? Public display of affection? They can't do this to us!

Mark was stunned for half a second. Although he knew that his father was going to arrange his marriage with the Lin Group, he hadn't cared about who would marry him. He had only heard from Nelson that the two daughters of Darren were clever and considerate, but in his eyes, they were like puppets without any thoughts.

It didn't matter who would marry him. No matter who would marry him, she wouldn't live a happy life.

However, when he heard the woman in front of him saying that she was his wife, he was indeed shocked.

Did someone call her a nice one?

Suddenly, his eyes squinted. 'Jessie, I will remember you!'

Seeing that nobody said a word, Jessie felt a bit complacent. It seemed that the so-called fiancé whom she hadn't met before was useful. At least, he could scare others!

But in the end, they took her away.

When his men heard that Mr. Mark wanted to take Jessie to the villa, they felt so lucky that they didn't do something wrong. In that place, the place where they kept prisoners was basically in the cellar, cold and wet, with cold wind blowing. It was so horrible. If they really kept Mrs. Jessie there, they would probably die because of it.

Looking at this luxurious room, Jessie was depressed.

'What's wrong with them? Why did they keep her here?

A pet? A canary?

Who would allow a prisoner to live in such a beautiful room? Wasn't he insane?'

Jessie felt so boring that she suddenly got an idea and began to look around the villa.

She even started to make trouble!

Sitting on his chair, with no expression on his cold face, Mark stared at a spot, deep in thought.

"Mr. Mark, Mrs. Jessie...." As soon as he heard the word Mrs. Jessie, Mark took a cold glance at his man with his sharp eyes. His man immediately changed his word, "I mean are we going to imprison Miss Jessie all the time if she refused to hand it over?"

They didn't care whether they are going to imprison her or not, as long as Mr. Mark was happy. The matter was how they would treat her!

Since she might be Mr. Mark's wife, they should be careful!

All of a sudden, a subordinate ran into the room in a

hurry and reported, "Mr. Mark, Mrs. Jessie's room was exploded!"

"What? How did this happen?"

"Well.... Mr. Mark, you'd better go and check yourself."

With a frown, he stood up and walked towards his villa.

After a careful observation, Jessie found that the place was huge, it was even a little scary.

It had never occurred to her that someone could occupy a large area of land in the prime location of X City!

If someone wanted to build some buildings on this land, it would probably provide houses for hundreds of thousands of people.

Although the villa was very huge, it was well protected. It was guarded every few hundred meters, and there were countless monitors and infrared devices here. At first, she didn't understand why that handsome man allowed her to walk around freely here. Now she finally understood.

After all, even a mosquitoes couldn't escape from here, not to mention a living person like her!

So she decided to find something interesting to kill time by herself.

When Mark just arrived at the gate of the villa, he heard the gunshots. Outside the door, bodyguards were standing in a line, no one dare to go in.

Mark questioned, "why are you standing here? What happened?"

One of his men reported, "sir, Mrs. Jessie was inside and ........ Play."

"Play? !"

Mark glanced them with a sharp look. Nick, who was standing next to him, shivered with fear. Nick wondered, 'what was going on, why Mr. Mark looked at me like that! It's not my fault! I can't stop Mrs. Jessie from playing'

He felt he was so innocent.

Mark snorted and pushed the door open. When hearing someone come in, Jessie slipped and the whole glass of orange juice in her hand fell down. Then there were explosions one after another.

It was as loud as a US gunfight blockbuster.

Hearing the sound of the explosion, Jessie held her head and cried.

'Damn it! I just wanted to have fun and frighten those bodyguards outside. How could I know this?' thought she.

What's wrong with the world?

The noise lasted more than a few minutes. Looking at the pieces of balloons spreading all over the ground, Mark's face turned thoroughly black.

He gritted his teeth and roared, "Jessie ... Lin!"

Getting up with pain, Jessie looked at the juice and balloons on the ground and looked around. No one would be happy seeing such a good house in a mess like this.

She smiled sheepishly, shrugged her shoulders and said apologetically, "sorry, I have no idea that it would be like this."

'No idea?' He thought she must be deliberate!

Seeing that Mark didn't say a word, Jessie twisted around and try to please him, "I just want to have some fun. I have a habit. I always want to do something when I'm bored. Besides, I'm particularly interested in chemistry. Just like this! Look! When you drip juice on a balloon, it would explode. Isn't it amazing... I still have a lot of trials, and they are all very interesting."

Jessie said cheerfully, and her face was full of interest. However, all she said was a hint to Mark, telling him to release her as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be too much for him.

But she was wrong! He was Mr. Mark!

That was just a trick Mark got tired of.

Mark didn't give a damn to her innocent threat. His face was as dark as ink, but he didn't pick on her. Instead, he just asked her to clean up the room.

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