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   Kill A Man At Midnight

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Jessie's heart throbbed that she was out of breath.

Suddenly, she looked up into Irene Xiao's blank eyes which instantly became vicious with a killing intent. Shrinking her body in horror, Jessie held the doorknob tight, while her heart immediately sank.

"Ivy Jiang, I will kill you! I will kill you!" Irene Xiao sprang up from the corner and raised a knife, rushing towards Jessie at full speed.

Frightened, Jessie then closed the door in a hurry. She held the door handle tight, and leaned against the door. With her heart full of pain, she sank and fell down on the ground.

Meanwhile, the sound of a knife slashing on the door behind her made her heart beat faster and faster by the minute.

"You devil! I will kill you..."

Irene Xiao's scream was as painful and merciless as she hurt Jessie deep in her core.

Right at that moment, Jessie's heart bled as if it were stabbed by a knife!

Tightly gripping the door, her heart beat with fear and anxiety.

At that instant, she was afraid of one thing— that once she let go of the door handle, her mother would rush out and kill her with the sharp knife.

Smiling bitterly, she thought to herself, 'This is my life! What the hell!'

For eleven years, she had no idea on how she had survived with her mother. She had asked herself countless times, but up until that day, she had no answer. Hate and anger had poured into her. She had even questioned her own existence as to why her mother had given birth to her. If she had already known that she was not going to fulfill her duties as a mother, then she should have just strangled Jessie and not give birth to her at all to save her from misery.

Living a life without the care of a father and the love of a mother, Jessie often asked herself what she did to deserve such a life.

Hearing the sound, Lucy came up and immediately lifted Jessie who was trembling on the floor.

"Miss Jessie, are you okay?" Jessie shook her head. To which Lucy replied, "Your mother's attack often happens during midnight. You'd better stay away from her so that you won't get yourself hurt."

Constant devilish screams were heard from the room. With just one look at the door, Jessie's lips trembled once more with fear. Just when Lucy was about to say something, Jessie pushed her away and quickly went downstairs. Suddenly, right after a burst sound of engine, everything went quiet.

Jessie was driving a car so fast on the road. She held the steering wheel as tight as she could while her mind was in a deep mess.

She stepped on the accelerator and put the pedal to the metal. With the piercing scream, the car rushed forward like an arrow.

Bang! The car suddenly came to an abrupt halt after it crashed. After a few seconds of silence, Jessie's senses came back. Dozens of meters away, there was a person lying on the ground. Frightened, Jessie did not know what to do.

Did she hit someone?

Biting her lips in fear, she opened the car door and got out of it. Then, she walked slowly towards the person on the ground.

Squatting down on the ground, her face turned pale out of fright at what she saw.

"Hey, you, wake up!" With her trembling finger, she poked the man who lay unconscious on the ground. Panicking, she picked up the phone and called the police for assistance.

The night was so dark, and the wind was as cold as ice, giving it a creepy vibe similar to that in a horror film.

Jessie squatted beside the person on the ground. Confused, she pat her head constantly.

How could she be so irrational?

Now, she killed a person. What should she do now?

Looking up, a dazzling object in the man's hand caught her attention.

What was he holding? What was happening?

In the woods not so far away, a pair of murderous eyes stared straight ahead of her.


Meanwhile, Jessie went to the police station and told them all about the accident again. Generally speaking, she was going to be detained. However, because of the reputation of the Lin family, along with the compensation that they were very much willing to give to the victim, Jessie was released on bail.

When Jessie came into the Lin's

house with the lawyer, Darren, Ivy Jiang, and her sister Ellie Lin had been waiting for her in the living room.

Her heart gave a sigh of relief. For the past years, this was the first time that she saw the whole Lin family waiting for her with anticipation, as if she meant something to them.

Not used to this kind of feeling, she could not help but think of today was a blessing in disguise for her.

But before Jessie could say anything, Darren stood up and gave her a hard slap on the face which immediately broke the silence in the whole room.

Jessie kept silent as she didn't say a single word. Biting her lips, she silently endured the burning pain from her red cheek.

After all, she had already expected that this would happen to her.

Since her childhood, Darren always slapped her in her face for no reason, even though she had done nothing wrong. In the end, Darren made sure to let her feel that it was and would always be her fault.

This occurrence happened so often that she had already considered being beaten as a part of her life.

She wanted to explain her side, but she stopped herself for she thought that it was useless.

No one would listen! No one would care!

"Dad, I'm sorry."

Jessie bowed her head to apologize, although she didn't think that she had done anything wrong at all. It happened so frequently that for so many years, this had been her psychological response.

No matter what she did, she must, as always, apologize first and foremost.

"Sorry? Jessie, did you ever think about the Lin family before you went all crazy? Don't think that you can do whatever you want just because you are going to be married into the Lan family! Do you think that I can let this pass without doing anything to you? I'm warning you, Jessie. If you want to protect your mother and brother, you'd better behave yourself and don't cross the line ever again. Otherwise, I won't be nice to you anymore."

Darren was furious as he looked at his daughter in front of him.

If only she weren't useful to him, then he would not even bother to care about her at all. If she were a useless child to him, he wouldn't have had bailed her out, and even look at her, not even if she died on the street.

"You went out in the middle of the night and got us in trouble. I think you should get a psychiatric evaluation in the hospital one of these days. We should make sure that you are not getting mentally ill just like your mother. Otherwise, the Lan family won't let us go that easily." Ivy Jiang snorted, with her eyes full of contempt and disgust.

If Darren didn't insist on keeping Jessie, then Ivy would have kicked her out of the Lin family along with that crazy woman she called mother. She didn't want to see these eyesores in front of her every day!

Meanwhile, Ellie Lin yawned with sleepy eyes.

"Could you stop messing with us? Don't you know that disturbing other people's sleep is equal to murder? I don't waste my time on someone like you. Mommy, Daddy, I'm going to bed. I have to go to school tomorrow."

Darren felt even more annoyed by this. In a low voice, he ordered, "Get back to your room. I will arrange for you to move to the Lan family as soon as possible."

Seeing Jessie going upstairs, Darren immediately asked the lawyer, "So what's the result? Is the man already dead?"

Blake Wu answered, "He is not dead, but he is seriously injured. As we speak, he is now in the intensive care unit. Sir, I think..."

"Well, that's good news. Keep the accident concealed. Don't let the Lan family know anything about it. If news gets out, then I'm afraid that it will affect their marriage. Leave the other matters. Let's deal with them later."

The lawyer looked at Darren, as if he wanted to say something, but hesitated.

"Sir, I think we need a thorough investigation on Miss Jessie's case."

"Investigate?" Darren fixed his eyes on the lawyer, when suddenly, he said, "Don't waste time on her. As long as the man is alive, this should be treated just like any ordinary traffic accident. What can I say? She was just like her mother, always making troubles for me. You can go back now."

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