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   Chapter 403 I'm Not Afraid

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Joan knew that everything was all about her. If she forced herself to do so, it would only cause some trouble.

Besides, there were a lot of things that she didn't want to guess, so she didn't want to be so casual now or in the future.

In the face of such a situation, she could not help raising the corners of her mouth a beautiful arc and said: "Everything in the world will change, let alone? It's not a decision can be made by us, isn't it?"

Leona looked at the woman who seemed to be determined and didn't seem to care about her own decision at all. Therefore, she was naturally a little upset in the face of such a thing.

But as their daughter, when facing such a thing, she couldn't help saying, "Do you know? If you want to restore his memory so casually, I promise that I will definitely do it next time. At that time, do you want to see an old man live alone like this?"

"I hope this kind of thing is over now. Don't think too much. Otherwise, it will only cause a series of misunderstandings. Besides, whether it is right or wrong, I hope it can over now, because this kind of thing is also like a dramatic dream for me."

"Well, if you quarrel with each other because of such a thing, I think you two should go out to have a fight. Otherwise, how can you keep pestering each other like this? It's already noon, but you don't want to take a nap."

Linda said with a smile. Although she knew she was too exaggerated, she couldn't be so casual in the face of such a thing. Otherwise, she would be laughed by others?

Joan was right. In terms of their relationship, it's true that they have said a lot. And she had never noticed such a thing. 'Does this guy fancy...

A hint of dissatisfaction flashed through Leona's eyes, but judging from the performance of the two of them, it seemed that neither of them was willing to accept such a thing.

They didn't even want to tell herself about these messy things. She couldn't help frowning slightly. "Should this kind of thing be so casual? And most of the time, I feel that it's a little messy."

"You don't have to think too much. We two have no objection to you. What's more, this kind of thing is a fact we can't change. If we continue to pursue it, it will only cause greater trouble. Why don't we end it completely like this?"

Although Joan hesitated, she finally said such words.

If she do it so casually, it would only cause some trouble.

So at this moment, she couldn't act rashly. Otherwise, she didn't know how to face it in her life.

What's more, there were many reasons for this. She hadn't completely understood it yet, so it was best for her to forget all of it.

But she couldn't

dn't guess, there were many times that she could understand.

Things were totally different from what she thought before. So she just needed to try her best to hold on.

Nothing would be a problem. What's more, it was her brother's problem now. She had to make sure her brother get better first.

Thinking of this, she made up her mind that she must let her brother regain his memory first and let him find the answer to everything by himself.

So she left directly.

Looking at her receding figure, Joan breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Yes, she's finally gone. Although I don't know what this girl has been talking about recently, I'm really tired of facing such a thing!"

"In fact, you don't need to think too much. And in the face of such a thing, I can't have any confidence in my own heart. But to be honest, if I tell you all what I thought, I don't think that girl is wrong. After all, the CEO doesn't want anything to happen like this, right?" Linda felt sorry for her boss. After all, after he lost his memory, the person he loved didn't seem to care about him much.

Therefore, although she was very unhappy about this, she did not say it out.

Because she knew the power of her best friend, all these things were possible to be spoke out. Otherwise, it was possible that all of them would be like this all their lives.

Joan winked at her mischievously and said, "It seems that only you know me well. But now, in such a situation, shouldn't you do me a favor?"

"Tell me, are you hungry again?" Although it didn't take a long time, it wasn't a short time. If Linda really wanted to eat something, she could go out and buy one.

Feeling embarrassed, Joan touched her belly and said sheepishly, "I didn't mean to bother you, but I'm really hungry now."

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