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   Chapter 380 Stop Playing

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Darren thought it over carefully and knew that this woman loved him with all her heart. If he refused her like this, he would be miserable at that time.

Besides, this woman was always easily to be suspicious. If this continued, it might cause more harm.

A trace of confusion flashed through Joan's eyes. She made mistakes by accident, but she wasn't in the mood to manage that. That was why she got hurt again and again.

In fact, she had also suffered a lot. But she never seemed to have admitted it!

"I think it's better not to overthink. There's no need for both of us to mess around again because of such things." Darren thought it was better for two people to keep silent than one. So he had to admit it in many occasions.

So he decided to take all the blame on himself. By that time, she wouldn't be like this.

"If it's my fault, if I don't hold on like this, I'll probably be ruined for the rest of my life. So sometimes I still hope that it's just a small misunderstanding between the two of us. Let's forget all of this!" A trace of confusion flashed through Joan's eyes. The most important thing was that no matter what happened, she had made up her mind to stick to it.

Of course, she'd better forget it!

Otherwise, she might not be able to explain it clearly in the end.

Darren put his hand on her forehead and smiled, "You look well Why did it suddenly become like this?"

Hearing this, Joan felt a little remorseful. She reached out her hand and patted him on the hand. "I found that you are insane. What's more, I have made it clear. Can't we just forget it? And don't you think it's deceptive?"

"I don't think it's necessary to say too much about it. Besides, I don't want to guess it in most time." Although Darren was very dissatisfied because this girl didn't believe him at all, there were too many things that he really couldn't decide.

So he was still worried.

"In fact, I don't think it's necessary for us to do this. Otherwise, we will only misunderstand with each other. Moreover, are you done? Why are you talking so much nonsense? If you keep talking like this, I'll probably be made to be a bad guy!" Joan looked at Darren discontentedly. She had recognized the mistake. What else could she do?

Moreover, many things were not done in this way, which could be convincing. If it insisted on doing so, she felt as if she had a nightmare.

When Linda had nothing else to do, she had intended to come to accompany them, but she felt that the atmosphere between them seemed to be a little different.

Most importantly, she can't make a choice mostly.

If it just continued casually, there was

ion. No matter now or in the future, she would try her best to hold on.

A trace of anger flashed through Darren's eyes, but soon disappeared, because he saw what this woman was thinking inside.

Because there was a trace of cunning in her eyes before, which meant that she had made up with other thoughts.

So in the face of such a thing, she must not act recklessly. Otherwise, she would really be very tired.

"It's alright that the misunderstandings have been cleared up, we don't have to misunderstand each other from now on. If there is nothing else, Mr. Darren went to see little baby!" Linda thought it was not easy to clear the misunderstandings between them, so she hoped that they would not feel annoyed because of other things.

After all, this kind of thing was not what everyone could predict. They just hoped that everything could be safe.

Darren knew that she was helping him, so he nodded without hesitation. "If there is nothing else, I'll go first."

Hearing this, Joan breathed a sigh of relief, especially after watching him leave.

She felt much better in an instant. She didn't know why she really didn't want to face this guy now.

After Darren left, without hesitation, Linda closed the door and looked at Joan with dissatisfaction. "Don't be so absolute about everything. When could you grow up? After all, the CEO loves you with all his heart. If you act casually, you would cause more trouble."

"Linda, this is totally different from what you think. It's him who brought Leona here to irritate me, and they will go home for dinner tonight. Don't you think he did it on purpose? And how can I not be angry with such a thing?" Joan said, feeling wronged.

After all, she had a child with him. How could he be so fickle!

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