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   Chapter 354 It Turned Out To Be Dreams

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Thinking of this, Scott didn't know what to say.

After a while, he said, "Since you don't believe me, I will leave straightly. In the future, I will definitely prove that what I said is true."

Darren wouldn't give this guy any chance. He said coldly, "In fact, I can understand myself about this kind of thing, but I can directly warn you that if you dare to touch my woman like this again, I will make you regret for the rest of your life."

"It is not sure whose woman she is. Anyway, I'm going to have her." Scott said without hesitation. He would prove it.

Because now, no matter it was use or anything else, he must try his best to hold on, because it was related to his reputation.

Darren touched his forehead and said indifferently, "No matter how good your idea is, it depends on her will!"

"In fact, I think you can let go of your own thoughts about this thing, because even if I marry everyone, I won't marry people like you." Joan said without hesitation. It was not easy for her to give up.

Because she didn't like this kind of man at all and hated him to the core.

He frowned and asked, "am I that kind of person in your heart?"

"How great are you in my heart? A selfish villain, an enemy who killed my parents, and still want to get me like this. Are you insane?" Joan didn't think she had gone too far by saying that. More importantly, she didn't care about it at all.

So sometimes, she didn't bother to explain whether it was right or wrong, but it didn't mean that she could let others bully her as they liked.

If anyone wanted to offend her, at least they had to make her know whether it was right or wrong.

"Well, stop talking nonsense with such kind of person. Please!" Linda said without hesitation. If this guy was here, everyone would be in a bad mood, so she pushed Scott out directly.

Although Joan was suspicious of this kind of thing, she had already seen the child's matter, especially the photos, so she now fully understood that there was nothing wrong with the child.

So she smiled and said, "I think we can think about it carefully. Most importantly, I'm really hungry now. Please get me something to eat!"

Darren shook the porridge in his hand in front of her and asked, "How is this?"

Joan pouted and complained, "Since you've done such a thing, why are you still treating me like this?"

"I didn't do anything to you. I'm telling the truth. If you insist, I don't know what to say." Darren pretended to be very dissatisfied. Most importantly, there were to

pe from me, so I can use her, but you can't pull her to your side. So I seem to win in this kind of thing, right? So, I still hope that you can stay away from her in the future, and even don't meet her again."

"I think you are a little crazy. What's more, I'm not interested in that woman. I like Linda, but I just don't like the way you act." Austin said without hesitation. Besides, he had his own loved one, so there was no need to do such a thing for a woman.

Of course, he just couldn't bear it just now.

Hearing this, Scott touched his chin and said in surprise, "So you like that girl. Maybe sometimes, you can tie you up with her by using her."

Hearing this, Austin couldn't help but feel a little angry. "I can warn you that if you dare to hurt her like this, I will definitely make you regret."

"In fact, I don't want to argue with you about this matter, but I can still warn you about it. Don't act so casually, or I will let you pay a painful price." Without any hesitation, Scott gave the words back to Austin.

No matter how many troubles bothered him, it didn't mean that he could keep them all in the heart.

Austin had always been disdainful of such things, so he said coldly, "Whether it is now or in the future, I hope you can understand that this matter is not as simple as you think. And most of the time, I have never thought about how to deal with you. But now I feel that a person like you should not stay in this world. Why don't we just make a deal with you directly?"

Austin resolutely launched a challenge, and in the face of such a thing, he could never admit defeat, because it was what he should do to protect himself and that he loved.

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