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   Chapter 353 True Or False

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Scott's mind went blank and he didn't know what to think at that moment.

So when faced with such a thing, he always felt a little embarrassed. Most importantly, there were too many reasons that he did not know yet.

So he was on the verge of breaking down, because he didn't know whether it was true or not?

"How can I know whether what you said is true or not? If you are all lying to me, I won't admit defeat in this kind of thing."

Scott didn't believe what other people said at all. Besides, he was not easily fooled by them.

So when he finished these words, others could not help but glare at him.

The corners of Linda's mouth twitched slightly. She handed her phone to him and said, "Don't say we bullied you. This is a photo of the baby."

When Scott took the phone and saw the picture, he frowned and said, "That's impossible. Didn't you say that the child has been dead? How could it be here all of a sudden? And are you playing with me?"

"If I hadn't told you that my baby was gone, you wouldn't have let it go so soon. Most importantly, I thought you might do something bad to my baby, so I planned to hide these things from you. But I didn't expect that you really didn't dare. You even wanted to hurt Tabitha. I really don't know why you are so vicious."

[陆景琛] found an excuse for himself without hesitation, and he believed that this woman would believe him, not this guy.

[顾一笙]'s eyes flashed with surprise. More importantly, her child was still alive.

So she couldn't help but raise her head to look at Scott. "Now everything is in the air, and about such a thing, I hope you can give me an explanation. Since you said my child is gone, my child has been seen by you before. So should you keep your promise?"

"Didn't you say that we didn't need to gamble anymore? So it doesn't count. Besides, you cheated me first. How could I be so stupid to admit everything?" There was a flash of contempt in Scott's eyes. He was speechless to deal with him after she won.

Besides, it was lucky that this girl told him not to bet just now.

Otherwise, he would have to settle this matter even if he had to spend all his money.

[顾一笙] always felt embarrassed in the face of such a thing. Besides, there were too many reasons for her to get involved, so she couldn't help smiling and said, "I did say that, so forget it. But I hope you won't appear by my side from now on, and you'd better not have any contact with me

elt that this was indeed a problem. She touched her chin and said after a long while, "In fact, I think there is indeed something wrong with this matter, but to be honest, I think I should make it clear no matter now or in the future. Otherwise, it will really be a sin."

"Well, you don't think too much. I'll take care of it. Besides, don't you trust me?" Darren said helplessly. It seemed that this woman was very vicious to this guy. She had the same thoughts as him. It seemed that sometimes he had to teach him a lesson. The guy might only take him as a sick cat.

"There is no need to bother you with this matter. If I am thrown out, I feel like the most embarrassed one. So if there is nothing else, I'm leaving now." After all, Scott was sort of a famous man. How could he be thrown out so easily? So he couldn't do anything about it casually.

So he would rather go out by himself than be thrown out by others.

"Maybe sometimes you can figure it out by yourself, and then we won't have to talk about it. Then please!" Joan said without hesitation. As long as he stayed away from here, she would feel relaxed.

In fact, Scott always knew that he was unwelcome, but in fact, he also regretted that he divorced this woman at that time, which brought him a lot of problems. But because of his reckless decision, he lost countless wealth.

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but feel annoyed, and more annoyed to his wife, Jean.

Besides, the two of them had broken up, so there was no need to hate each other.

Since no matter how much he hated her, the world would not change.

Maybe that woman hated him more!

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