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   Chapter 346 I'm Sorry

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Darren felt that he had gone crazy totally. And he felt very embarrassed in the face of such a thing. Therefore, whether now or in the future, he always felt that there were many things that were beyond his imagination.

"Don't worry about it. Besides, she won't wake up for the moment. If she wakes up, it doesn't seem to be useful for me to persuade her alone. Why don't you stay here?"

Linda didn't think it was a good idea, but if things went on like this, This girl will break down when she wakes up. She didn't think she can take effect well here.

Darren thought it was very possible, so he couldn't help saying, "I have understood these things. Why don't you go back and have a rest? I will take care of this."

Linda felt helpless. In addition, she didn't want to care about these things.

So she couldn't help saying, "Although it's not a big deal for you to say that, and I can go out with Austin, have you ever thought about the price you will pay if that's the case?"

In Linda's opinion, this kind of thing was not that simple, and she couldn't do it casually. So no matter it was right or wrong now, as long as she tried her best to face it, everything would get better.

Darren was well aware of the reason behind this. In addition, there were many things that were not as simple as he thought, so he immediately said, "I have understood this matter. I don't need you to mention it here anymore. But to be honest, if you continue to act like this, my whole life will collapse."

Linda thought it was a heavy blow to her. Clenching her fists, she said, "Scott's really a bad guy. The most important thing for us is to trust each other. But he doesn't even have the most basic trust. It's so annoying..."

"You don't have to mention it. I have my own thoughts. I will definitely let him pay a heavy price."

Darren would never let his child disappear in this way. Most importantly, he dared to do this to him.

Thinking of the baby that he was going to give birth to in a few months, he felt a sharp pain in his heart. He also knew that if Joan woke up again, it would cause more trouble.

Because it would make him feel more painful like lose everything.

"In fact, you don't need to think about it at all, and I really don't know what to say about it. So whether it is now or in the future, I just hope to see through it, because too many things are too troublesome."

Linda couldn't help but burst into tears as she spoke. She felt that this kind of thing was really unacceptable.

Seeing her crying like this, Darren naturally felt that it was a little inappropriate. There was a flas

't seem to be owned by your family, right? What's more, I can go wherever I want. You have no right to discipline me like this."

"I know there is something wrong with this matter, but I can warn you completely. I hope you don't get involved in it. Otherwise you will be in trouble."

"I think it had been a long time since this matter happened. Even if you can't forget it, so what? What should have happened has already happened. You can't bring back the dead."

Hearing this, Darren raised his arm and gave him a hard punch. "I warn you, I don't want to argue with you about this matter, but as long as you have done, you would have to pay it back sooner or later. Although there are a lot of worries that I don't know, it doesn't mean that I would listen to you in everything."

Scott didn't want to give up. And he was really tired about it!

If everything was the same as he thought, that day would be different.

Thinking of this, he couldn't help smiling and said, "I have no other thoughts on this matter. Whether you are right or wrong, I don't care at all."

This matter was totally different from what he had thought. Therefore, sometimes, he was naturally unhappy. But I hope you don't treat us as idiots. Everything had been explained so clearly. Do you need me to continue these things with you?

"In fact, you don't need to think too much about this kind of thing, and it's unnecessary to do it again. So, I said you should stay away from us now, and I inform you seriously."

Darren felt that he was a little worried about those things that haven't really come over. After all, this kind of thing would not be too forced.

After all, there were too many things. If forced, there would only cause unnecessary damage.

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