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   Chapter 340 I just want to be a good man

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There was a flash of dissatisfaction in Joan's eyes. Most importantly, there were too many things that made her feel confused, so she could pretend that nothing had happened.

The little boy pouted with dissatisfaction. "In fact, I just think that you are better, and you are very good to me. I believe that when the little brother or sister comes out, they must be as smart as me. Besides, I don't treat you as a savior, because you haven't saved me, huh."

The little boy snorted discontentedly.

Joan pulled a long face with dissatisfaction and said, "I didn't expect you to be so impolite. How did you learn to be this?"

"It's a long story. If it weren't for TV, I wouldn't have been able to learn it! As my mother is so honest." After saying that, the little guy sighed.

The corners of Lea's mouth twitched, but she felt very embarrassed. Since her son said so, it meant that her IQ was not so good. So she said shyly, "my IQ is not very good, but he is right."

Joan didn't expect this to happen, so she looked at the little boy and said, "It's true that you said that, but don't you think it will make your mother sad? Is it wrong to be honest?"

"I know. That's why I didn't tell her. That's why I always pretended that I'm not a genius. But my mother always said that I'm a genius, and even the teacher thought as well, which made me feel very upset." The little guy said unhappily. He had always wanted to be a behaved child, but he didn't want to be a so-called genius. However, since his mother was so busy, he felt that if he was a genius, it would bring some benefits to his mother, so he was willing to be that so-called genius.

Hearing this, Joan frowned slightly. "If you really don't want to be a genius, is there anyone forcing you?"

"Of course no one forced me, but I don't want my mother to be annoyed for this. Besides, there are so many things that I always feel helpless. So many times, I always feel that if I cause some harm to my mother, then I can't forgive myself all my life. So in order not to make my mother so upset, I don't want her to be so tired. That's why I'm willing to be a genius. But I found that after I became a genius, my mother was even proud of me, making me feel that I'm despised by myself."


"Because I don't think my mother will like the silly and naive me anymore. She will like a genius like me." The little guy said awkwardly. Although the two were both him, he still liked the silly and naive self.

That he pretended to be this so-called genius


"Well, if you want to avoid him, I will send you to a countryside. Then no one will find you there." Zoey didn't know who they were at all, but she still hoped that she could give them a hand. After all, she also wanted to be a good person.

"Do you know something in the countryside?" Joan asked worriedly. If anyone knew about it, they would be found soon.

Patting her chest, Zoey said, "I can swear that it will never be found."

"That's good. But it really happened. I think we should say thank you to each other. Otherwise, I really don't know what to do." Joan knew what she meant. She was relieved.

Zoey pouted with dissatisfaction. "I've told you that I have changed myself. Obviously, you don't want to believe me."

"I don't. Don't misunderstand me. I just think everyone should say thank you!"

"If you don't, then you don't have to say thanks. Anyway, I just want to be a good person."

"Okay, okay. If you don't want to do that, then forget it." Looking at the childish Zoey, Joan smiled. It seemed that sometimes things had changed really well.

Zoey stood up and said with a smile, "Let's go. I'll drive you there right now. My car is right on the side!

"Well..." Lea hesitated a little bit.

"Don't waste time anymore. It's not easy to have a chance. Why don't you leave with your son? Don't you want to be found by those people, do you?" Linda didn't this kind of thing to be delayed. The longer it was delayed, the more troublesome it would be.

Lea sighed helplessly, "Alas... I want to leave, but all our belongings are there. Although we have brought out our ID cards and sort of things, our clothes and money are all in that house!"

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