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   Chapter 277 Don't Be So Absolute

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Helen said worriedly. She always felt that something was wrong. "Miss Elena, in fact, I'm afraid that the greater the hope is, the greater the disappointment will be!"

The corners of Joan's mouth twitched. "Helen, I know what you are worried about, but you can't let her continue like this for the rest of her life. What's more, in the face of such a thing, everything is beyond our expectations. If you continue to act like this, you will only cause some trouble."

Linda couldn't help but hold her hand and said, "Helen, in fact, I think what she said is very reasonable. There are many things that we can't do casually like this."

Helen was confused by their words, but she felt that she shouldn't be relaxed like this. So she couldn't help saying. "You can do whatever you want with this matter. And in the face of such a matter, I don't think I have the right to stop it, so I have never thought about it at all..."

"In that case, Helen, let me help you clean up the table. Let's go to wash the dishes together!" After saying that, Linda took Helen to the kitchen.

Joan thought that since Helen had been sent away, she couldn't help saying to the two, "I hope no matter what you two can find out, Just forget it."

"Don't worry about it. I have promised you that I won't get involved in this kind of thing too much. I just want to find out the truth." Elena said with a smile. She seemed to have relaxed a lot.

All of a sudden, Henry felt a little regretful. If it weren't for the woman in front of him, he wouldn't know where his love was. Therefore, he didn't know whether he should remind her or not in the face of such a matter. But in the face of his brothers, he felt that he should work harder to make them happy.

So he smiled and said, "It's late now. I'll take her there directly!"

"Then you can leave now. In addition, there are many things that I haven't figured out by myself, so it's not a big problem for you to leave first." Joan didn't look out this kind of thing at all, so no matter what she said, she had nothing to insist.

Henry couldn't help nodding and then pushed Elena out.

In fact, in the face of such a thing, no one could it clearly. In the face of such a thing, they always felt that something was wrong.

Joan felt that many things were different from what she had thought. Besides, many of these things were not what she wanted, so she had to sit on the sofa and watch TV idly.

Darren and Austin finally arrived at the Sea Dragon apartment. They walked to the door and began to ring the doorbell.

Joan couldn't help but wonder if they had forgo

a look. I'll help you wash the dishes when I come back."

"You don't have to worry about it. I can handle it myself." Said Helen with a smile. She had never given any opinion in the face of such a matter.

It was not that she felt terrible, but that everything was different in the end.

When Austin and Linda heard this, they walked out hand in hand and saw the two of them seem to be quarreling.

Joan felt that he cared too much about her, and she didn't think she should do such a thing. "Although I know I'm living on you, it doesn't mean that you can intervene so much in me. If someone didn't make trouble for me, I wouldn't have bothered them."

"But after all, she is my mother. Can't you give me a little face?" Darren didn't have to tell her too much about it. The most important thing was that as a man, he naturally needed face. Moreover, he used to be so cold and ruthless, and she could accept it. Why couldn't she accept his mother's attitude?

Joan felt that the man in front of her was a madman who forced her to make such a decision, so she couldn't help saying, "This depends on one's own will. If you continue to act like this, I think there is nothing need to talk between us. If you feel very helpless now, please go home and think about it before coming to talk with me."

"Joan, you'd better think about it more. After all, there's no trouble like this between you, and there's nothing that can't be overcome. So don't be so ruthless." Linda shook off his hand and rushed to Joan.

There were a lot of things that couldn't be said easily in this way. It was not easy to end them. After all, they needed to trust each other.

Otherwise, it would be too late to regret if others took advantage of it.

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