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   Chapter 273 Lodging

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Helen walked to the door step by step. When she opened the door and saw the people outside, she wanted to close the door without hesitation.

Linda seemed to understand her action, so she immediately looked at her pitifully and said. "Helen, we two have run away from home. We want you to take us in, so please don't be like this, okay? And she is pregnant. Please."

Seeing that Joan was pregnant, it must be very inconvenient, but in the face of such words, Helen couldn't help frowning and asking. "Judging from the clothes you two wear, I don't think you don't have money. How can you not afford to rent a house? Why do you suddenly come to here for shelter?"

"That's because the two of them quarreled, so we want to find a place to rest, but there is no other place to rest. And as her good friend, so I have to accompany her. Helen, we have lost all our phones and we don't have money to live in a hotel. Please have mercy on us!" Linda felt like she was begging for food, but she had no choice. She had to do it for her good friend.

Helen thought that she should still think about it. It was indeed a little pitiful in the face of this matter, but for the safety of Miss Elena, she should not be so casual about this matter.

"Two ladies, in fact, I really want to help you with this kind of thing, but you know, our lady is in a very bad mood these days. In addition, this kind of thing is provoking her, so I really can't let you stay here."

After saying that, Helen could not help but lower her head. Although she felt very embarrassed, she could not let them in. Otherwise, Miss Elena would be sad.

"Helen, we have run away from home without any money. Do you want to see us die without saving us? Besides, I know your lady. Please have mercy on us!" Linda had no choice but to beg them like this. After all, it was possible for them to stay in those hotels, but they would definitely be found.

Hearing the noise outside, Elena couldn't help but frown as she didn't hear that Helen refused others in. She felt that there must be something wrong.

She shook the wheelchair and came to the door. When she saw the two of them, she couldn't help but pretend to smile. "Since you two are here, please come in!"

Helen looked at Elena discontentedly, "Miss..."

"Helen, the visitor is a guest. How can I shut the door? Besides, I've been here for a long time, but few people come to see me. In fact, sometimes, I'm also very lonely. So, Helen, let them come in to accompany me!" For so many years, except for these servants,

s Elena must be hungry, so there is nothing to say about it."

After saying that, Helen couldn't wait to go to the kitchen. Seeing that she was so anxious, Linda followed her to the kitchen. Anyway, she had nothing to do, so it was great to help her more.

"Elena, in fact, I know I have no right to say anything, because I am also a very failing person. So I just want to ask you, is there really no possibility between you and him?" Joan said in a very low voice, afraid that Helen would find out and throw her out.

Elena shrugged and said, "In fact, I have been indifferent to this kind of thing for a long time, but sometimes I feel that I really want to do it, but I find that my efforts won't get any approval or praise from anyone. Therefore, I feel that there is no need to go on like this. In the end, it will only make everyone unhappy."

A tinge of sadness flashed through Joan's eyes. "In fact, I'm different from you. I don't know if he really likes me or not. Most importantly, his parents and his family don't agree with us being together at all. So I have to make my own choice in the face of this. So this time, I decided to go away. I just don't want to accept these. It's troublesome like this."

"But do you really like him from the heart?" Elena couldn't help but ask. It should be normal. If two people liked each other, it could indeed break all the obstacles. But now, with her disabled feet, how could she pursue her own happiness in this way?

"Sincere or not, so what?" A hint of self mockery appeared at the corners of Joan's mouth. There was no difference between caring about this kind of thing and not caring about it, so she didn't know the answer at all.

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