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   Chapter 272 Go For Elena

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After receiving the message, Darren began to search for her position, but found that it was really different. He could not find such an idea at all, so he could not help but feel a little worried about such a thing. "Damn it! I just wanted to scold her, but I didn't expect her to run away from home so soon."

Joan was staying alone in a hotel. Most importantly, she booked a room in the name of her best friend.

That was because she thought if he wanted to find her, he would definitely check her name. He never thought that she would use Linda's name.

After sending her to the room, Linda said worriedly. "In fact, I think you should go home as soon as possible, instead of being dragged outside. Most importantly, if Zoey knows that you are here, she won't let you go. Besides, that woman is insane. If you are here, I will be very worried."

"If you are really worried about me, why don't you live here with me? I feel lonely staying here alone. We can go shopping together. But you have to put your cell phone and mine in your car, and then drive your car back to your own home. Then you can come here by taxi. How about this?" Joan felt that she was a pure genius. If they wanted to find them, they would definitely use GPS to locate them, or even more advanced methods. That was why they came to this shabby hostel.

"But if you do this, will they be more worried? And if he can't find us, will he call the police?" Linda thought it was a good thing, and for her, she needed to be quiet now, but this kind of thing was also dangerous!

Knowing what she was worried about, Joan stretched out her hand and gently scratched her head. "As you know, it's dangerous for me to stay here alone. Why don't you stay here with me! What's more, we are good friends. Isn't it better to have a companion here?"

At the beginning, Linda was indeed a little hesitant, but she didn't want her best friend to live in this place, so she immediately said. "Since you want me to stay here, I'll ask someone to drive my car back there. But if we don't have cell phones, is it...?"

"Don't worry. I've bought a new phone. You don't have to think too much about it." It seemed that Joan had prepared it for a long time, and she had bought a phone with other's name. Although it was a new number, it was not her name, so no one could find out her.

Linda was surprised to hear that. "Even if you buy a new phone, he will find it."

"I've told you that you don't need to worry about it. Just do what y

face of such a thing, but we can think about it. It's better than the two of us to stroll randomly here." Linda thought it was a good idea. She must cherish it. She couldn't act so casually, or else there would be some trouble between them.

"Well, don't worry about it. As long as I'm here, everything will be fine." Joan felt that this girl didn't have a sense of security now, so it was mainly her fault. If it weren't for her, Linda wouldn't have been so unlucky.

Therefore, she had to face such a thing carefully.

"In fact, whether it's right or wrong, I don't have to worry about it. But it all depends on you. The most important thing is that it's safer for us to go there. After all, this is a small Hotel, and it's very likely that there will be people from different walks of life coming in. At that time, if we two want to escape, we may not be able to." Linda said carefully, being afraid of being heard.

"If that's the case, let's get out of here quickly!" Joan thought what she said quite made sense. Sometimes she should listen to her advice and not act recklessly.

Hearing that she was willing to accept her opinion, Linda could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. She directly pulled her out of the hotel and checked out the house.

Knowing that she was worried about her, Joan took a taxi to the Elena's house.

Elena thought this kind of thing was too unreasonable. She was always helpless in the face of such a thing, so she couldn't help saying, "Helen, go and see who is coming?"

"Yes, my lady." Helen didn't care who came. She didn't want to have those people in because she was afraid that they would hurt Miss Elena.

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