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   Chapter 270 A Difficult Choice

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Anna couldn't help but feel a little angry. Looking at the arrogant woman in front of her, she wished she could slap her two times now. But in the face of her son's pampering, she had to calm down and then said discontentedly. "Is this how you talk to the elders?"

"Auntie, in fact, I should have told you about it. If you hadn't been talking to me like this all the time, I wouldn't have talked to you like this, would I?" Joan giggled. 'If you hadn't been picking on me, I wouldn't have talked to you.'

"Very good. I have never thought that there would be such a person talking back to me like this, I was taught today." A trace of contempt flashed through Anna's eyes. How could she be her daughter-in-law since she was so ignorant?

Darren found it was so quiet outside. He couldn't hear anything in the kitchen, so he came out to have a look. But he didn't expect that they had already strangled together.

He quickly stood between the two of them, and then said to his mother with a smile, "Mom, it's late now. You'd better watch TV first. You like that news program, don't you? You can watch it now."

"I'm not in the mood today. Get out of the way." Anna didn't care about the consequence at all. Anyway, she had been pissed off and didn't care whether she was a lady or not.

Darren couldn't help but twitch the corners of his mouth. This woman had pissed his mother off. Otherwise, his mother wouldn't have said such rude words.

Thinking of this, he reached out his hand and gently patted his mother's back. "Mom, she is just a naive girl. You don't have to be so serious with her."

Joan wanted to retort, but she thought she should let it go!

Anna didn't want to give up, so she said. "She is still a child? She has grown up, but she is still so ignorant. The baby is about to be born, and she is so careless. It's not like what an adult should do."

Joan flared up. "Don't say such harsh words. It's not sure who will teach a lesson. Besides, do you think you are a good person? Do you know what your so-called temporary decision is? Besides, it's none of your business that I will give birth to my baby."

Darren didn't know what to do now. He was very decisive when it came to business, but now facing the war between two women, he suddenly felt very frustrated.

"Mom, Joan please don't make things difficult for me anymore, okay? What's more, you two mean the same to me. I have said this many times, but why don't you think for me? Why do you always mess around like this? Am I really so worthles

hether you want to leave or not?"

"Mom, don't make trouble out of nothing. I won't marry anyone else except her." Darren said in a determined tone, fixing his eyes on Joan.

Joan was frightened by his words. What's more, there was no need to be so emotional! "In fact, you can think about it carefully. After all, she is your mother, and I am nothing."

Anna couldn't help but frown slightly, "Don't do this, you will soon become our daughter-in-law, and then see how I will teach you a lesson."

"Auntie, I'm not a fool. I know your all family hate me, so I won't fall into when faced with such a thing." It was not easy for Joan to tell the truth. There was no need for her to keep any suspense.

Darren finally understood the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. If he didn't handle it well, it would be a world war.

Therefore, in the face of such a thing, he was naturally extremely painful.

"You two stop quarreling. Can I make an apology? If you continue to act like this, my brain will become very frustrated and I don't know what to say in the end."

"In fact, you can choose between sending me out or your mother out. That's all." Joan pretended that she didn't care at all. In fact, she still hoped that he would choose her. After all, she had some expectations for him. If he chose his mother, it meant that he might not really love her.

So in the face of this matter, whether it was right or wrong, she must take good care of these things, or she would definitely regret in the end. So in the face of this, she could only take a gamble like this.

Darren was completely stunned by this question, so he was still in a state of confusion.

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