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   Chapter 269 Lesson

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Thinking of this, Zoey was so angry that her whole body trembled. After pausing for two seconds, she said, "I won't go. Is that all right?"

She could do nothing but watch Joan leave with her beloved man.

A hint of anger flashed through her eyes. Knowing that her sister was in great pain now, Henry stretched out his hand and patted her on the shoulder. "Do you know that this is how I suffered when you broke up us? Now my pain is your happiness and sorrow, and you should know it clearly in your heart. I don't understand why you are always so troublesome? Besides, it seems that you have never thought about what you have done. Do you still want to keep messing up like this?"

Zoey felt that her brother was simply woolgathering. More importantly, they were not from the similar family, which was totally different herself and him.

So she said loudly, "Henry, you don't understand at all about this matter. The most important thing is that parents didn't agree to your marriage with her, and my marriage was made by them and they agreed. So facing this, the matter between us two is different."

Henry thought his sister was completely crazy. He pulled her to a bar casually. Anyway, he needed to drink.

Without hesitation, Zoey said to the bartender, "Give me 3 bottles of whisky and 3 dozens of beer."

The bartender was stunned, but he didn't hesitate to do as the guest asked.

"Zoey, do you want to drink to death?" Said Henry, frowning slightly.

Glaring at him coldly, Zoey said, "It's none of your business. You are not in a good mood today. Why don't you drink with me?"

Then she took the whiskey from the bartender and drank up the whole bottle.

Looking at her red eyes, Henry's expression softened. He wanted to say something, but he finally held it back. Anyway, he was sad today, so he'd better accompany her!

So he began to drink.

When the two of them got so drunk, the bar could only call their family and take them back.

In the early morning, Suddenly, tick bell, The doorbell rang, Darren was cooking in the kitchen.

Joan quickly stood up and walked to the door to open it.

Anna's smile faded when she saw Joan. "Why did you open the door? Where is my son?"

"He's cooking in the kitchen," Joan said with a smile.

"How can you let your man cook in the kitchen since you are a grown-up?" Anna couldn't help but feel a little angry. Most importantly, she didn't ask her son to cook in the kitchen, but this woman...

"I'm sorry, auntie. It's his own choice. I can't stop him."

"It seems that you are more and more capable now. How dare you talk back to me?" Anna stared at her wit

st important thing was that there must be another battle today.

Thinking of this, he was on the verge of breaking down.

But he had no choice but to cook as soon as possible.

The best hope was that nothing would happen outside.

Anna was very dissatisfied with her weak answer. "Can't you be more obedient?"

"Aunt, I don't know why you always like to be against me like this. Before you gave birth to the baby, did your mother-in-law always make things difficult for you? So you feel unhappy and want to take revenge on me?" Joan said helplessly. What was wrong with her sitting here?

She didn't steal or rob. Moreover, all these things were given to her by him, and she didn't do anything wrong.

Anna didn't expect that this girl would oppose her so much, so she couldn't help saying, "It's nothing at all, but I want to tell you, as a girl, you should behave yourself. How can you be so hasty?"

"Aunt, haven't you already said that I'm a wild girl? As a wild girl, how can there have such a rule?" Joan felt that if she sat there all the time, she would feel uncomfortable all over, so she preferred to lie on her stomach.

Besides, she didn't need to be recognized for what she had done, as long as she felt comfortable.

Anna looked at her coldly, thought Joan not knowing the rules at all. "I tell you, as long as you enter the Lu family, you just have this rule."

Joan smiled and said, "But I haven't married into Lu family yet, so you can't control me now. Besides, if you don't recognize me, I can directly leave, taking my son or daughter. It doesn't matter if it follows my surname, so act like that to me. I don't think there are such rules. Aren't I the lady from famous family? It's better to be settled with what we have."

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