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   Chapter 268 Stop Messing Around

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It never occurred to Henry that she would do such a thing. But in the face of such a thing, he did not refuse, but stared at her.

A slight smile played at the corners of Zoey's mouth. It seemed that there was still a turning point for this matter. Otherwise, her brother would have pushed her away.

Thinking of this, she smiled and said, "Brother, in fact, you have to think twice about it. Moreover, everything is completely different from what you think. So don't think about those messy things."

Henry couldn't help but frown slightly. "Don't mention it again. And I have forgiven you for this kind of thing. What else do you want?"

Of course, Zoey didn't care about such things. What she wanted was her brother. She didn't want him to be so casual, so she said coldly. "In fact, all I have done is for you. Why don't you understand? Besides, our mother doesn't want you to be like this. So I won't agree with this matter, neither will mother, and father. So in the face of such a matter, you have no other choice at all. It's better to forget this woman."

Zoey spoke out what she was thinking. If it weren't for her parents' suggestion, she wouldn't have done such a thing.

Although she regretted at the beginning, she would never regret now.

"It turns out that father and mother have also taken part in this matter." Henry's eyes turned red as if he wanted to kill someone. He was very disdainful of his parents' choice, and there were many things that he thought he could make decisions himself. He didn't expect that his sister would do such a thing with their help.

Besides, if it weren't for their teaching, his sister wouldn't have become like this. Thinking of this, he smiled again. "It seems that all the people I trust most have betrayed me in the end."

Elena didn't expect things to develop like this. Most importantly, it was weird. His all family schemed against her, but the one who loved her in the end didn't know. Thinking of this, she couldn't help laughing. "It turns out that I'm such an unwelcome person. I always thought that only you hate me, but I didn't expect that it's your whole family. Helen, it seems that I had been dreaming at that time. Now I even want to dream again. Isn't it ridiculous?"

Helen had always treated Elena as her own daughter, so she naturally cherish her. She could not help but push away Henry and take Elena to the gate of the hospital. She did not forget to say, "Miss Elena, since you have seen it clearly, let's go back. From now on, forget this affection that we should not have."

With tears in his eyes, Elena nodded, "Helen, I will never dream about it again."

At this moment,

How could Joan believe the man's words? She couldn't help but turn her head to look behind, only to find that there was no one behind her. She was a little annoyed, but more angry. "When did that damn girl leave?"

"In fact, I don't know either. But when you said that, I couldn't help but look behind you. It seems that there is no one behind you. So I think it's better for me to send you back. Besides, Henry won't be lost as such a living person?" After saying that, Darren held out his hand and led Joan out.

Joan felt a little strange when she was faced with such a thing. In addition, there were many reasons for it, and she hadn't completely understood it yet. So she had to say helplessly, "Where is your car?"

"It's parked not far away. Don't worry. You won't get hurt." Darren frowned and felt that this girl was a little strange.

With burning eyes, Zoey rushed forward and wanted to slap Joan. However, as soon as she took a step forward, a figure blocked her way. "Zoey, if you dare to mess around like this, I'll teach you a lesson."

Clenching her fists, Zoey stammered, "I..."

Seeing that his sister was so impenitent, Henry said coldly, "If you dare to mess around again, don't blame me for being rude to you. Besides, I haven't settled with you for this matter. Do you still want me to settle with you in person? And I can tell you, if you are not my sister, I will definitely beat you today and make you can't recognize who you are."

Zoey bit her lower lip hard, as if she was going to bite her lower lip to bleed.

Her brother had never thought of helping her when she was in trouble. Now, he even threatened her. It was really hateful. Moreover, he had just done such a dangerous thing. He didn't treat her as a family member at all.

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