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   Chapter 264 Emotional Entanglement

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After Joan and the others left the room, they went back to Darren's house.

After they all sat down, Linda suddenly felt that she was on the verge of breaking down. Most importantly, this woman was so bad, so she couldn't help saying, "I always feel that that woman is vicious, otherwise, that wouldn't be like this."

"I don't know what to say about it. It's weird. Most importantly, it's so incredible!" In the face of such a terrible thing, Joan couldn't help but feel that was hateful. And the most important, this woman was so hateful that she dared to do such a thing, which made people feel very uncomfortable.

Darren didn't know about it at all. "In fact, I think there must be other meanings in this matter. If it's just because of her, Zoey, that matter won't be so smooth. The most important thing is who was helping her?"

"I think it's very likely that she can't do such a crazy thing on her own. It means that she has the main messenger behind her." Joan faced such a situation. She felt a little strange. If she was alone, she really couldn't do such a thing. What's more, if no one introduced her, how could she kidnap Linda?

Darren touched his chin gently and said lightly, "In fact, we can't say clearly about this kind of thing. We are really tired having a lot of things!"

"We'd better go to bed early. Otherwise, we may be more tired tomorrow." Austin suddenly said. He seemed to be very worried about this matter.

"Austin, why do you say that?" Linda asked in confusion.

"I don't think Zoey will give up so easily, so we have to be prepared for such a thing in advance," said Austin, frowning slightly.

"In fact, I think this matter is indeed a little troublesome. In addition, most of the time, this woman is like a lunatic. If we are not cautious, it is very likely to cause some trouble." A hint of cruelty flashed through Darren's eyes. If she hurt his woman again, he would never let her go.

Of course, Joan knew how crazy this woman was. "Since she might take actions, Austin you must protect Linda," she added.

"I not only have to protect Linda, but also you and Mr. Darren. So I'm going to ask Nelson for help." Austin frowned slightly. He knew that it was not that simple, so in the face of such a thing, he could not act rashly.

"In fact, no one can say anything reasonable about it, and no one can do anything casually." Darren frowned deeply. If he could handle all this, Joan didn't need to do anything like this. She'd better go to bed as soon as possible. "Let's stop talking abou

trace of anger in Henry's tone. Why was she still dismissive of his words?

Why did he try his best to find her and be with her? But in the end, she replied him in this way that it was really hateful.

But he couldn't just turn a blind eye to her.

At the thought of this, he smashed the window with his hand. Because of much strength, the window was broken, and many pieces of glass pierced into his flesh, and drops of blood flowed down.

But now he couldn't feel any pain at all, because it was not as painful as his heart.

Elena had never thought that he would do such a thing? She was taken aback. Most importantly, there were many things that he didn't have to be so stubborn.

"In fact, there are a lot of things that we both feel a little troublesome, but that doesn't mean that we can completely understand each other. Most importantly, I do like you very much. But now, I have made your family unhappy, and I am a disabled person. After marrying you, I will only be a burden to you, and I may not be able to give birth the child for you. So I really don't want to..."

Before Elena could finish her words, Henry lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. Elena didn't expect him to do so. Although she didn't push him away, her tears were falling.

She had suffered too much pain. She didn't want to suffer the pain of being abandoned.

When Henry felt tears on his face, he let her go.

"Will you be so painful when you are with me? We do love each other. Why do you treat me like this? You said you would drag me down. That's bullshit. You know clearly that I don't care about these things at all. Why do you always have to be so casual to make decisions for me?"

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