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   Chapter 261 Meeting

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Linda couldn't help but frown when she heard this. It seemed to be a little similar, but it was better not to ask about this kind of thing, so she couldn't help saying. "Miss Elena, since you have said that and I am very interested in your story, can I visit you later?"

Of course, Elena was very happy. As long as someone could spread her story, perhaps she would no longer need to be so lonely in the future, and she would not even bury all the past stories in her heart. "That would be the best. Thank you. I'll hang up the phone."

After saying that, Elena directly hung up the phone. Although there were many things that she could not explain clearly for the time being, she had never regretted in the face of such a thing.

If God was willing to give her a punishment, then she would never regret. Now everything was God's ability.

Maybe she had missed him back then, but now, it seemed that she could find back.

When Henry heard this voice, he felt inexplicably familiar. In addition, the names were the same, and even the voice was almost the same. Then, it must be that woman.

Thinking of this, a trace of sadness flashed through his eyes. He whispered, "It seems that there is nothing wrong this time. I can finally find her, but why?"

"Wasn't her feet disabled when she left you?" Linda asked with confusion. Facing this, they had seen with their own eyes that the woman's leg was disabled.

"She was fine when she left me. How could she be disabled? What happened to her over the years?" Henry was quite confused about this, because when she left him, her limbs were healthy and then suddenly become disabled. Was it because of her disabled feet that she did not come to him for so many years?

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but laugh at himself, as if everything was his own wishful thinking. Perhaps, she had found the person she loved most.

Joan was also confused about this matter. Since her limbs were healthy at that time, something must have happened, so she reminded her carefully, "I think if such a thing really happened, it means that such a thing might have happened before she left you. So she left without saying goodbye to you, or she found her own happiness, but accidentally broke her legs, so no one can explain this kind of thing. You can only ask her when meeting her."

"In fact, I don't think that woman has a man! I had been to her house and looked at it carefully. There were only her own photos and no photos of other men, which meant that she might not be married, or a mistress, or single." When Austin said that she might be a mistress, he was g

as a very large apartment. Perhaps ordinary people couldn't afford it. Should this apartment belong to her or...?

Although they all had some guesses, no one could say anything reasonable in the face of such a thing.

Linda reached out her hand and pressed the doorbell. When Helen opened the door, she saw a large group of people, especially Henry behind. She could not help but frown slightly. "You all can come in, except him."

"Helen, let me in!" Of course, Henry knew Helen, because she had always been with Elena.

"You have done a lot of bad things to Miss Elena. Now you have the nerve to come here?" Helen gave up all the previous things and wanted to tear this guy in front of her in half at once. If it weren't for him, she wouldn't have had so much trouble.

Miss Elena's leg was broken. Now she could only live like this. Although his family paid compensation, in the face of such a matter, could a little compensation be enough to solve it?

Thinking of this, Helen couldn't help crying.

Inside the room, Elena was very confused about this matter. She only heard the noise outside, and even seemed to hear Helen's cry. She immediately slid out of the wheelchair and asked, "Helen, what happened? Why are you crying?"

At this moment, everyone moved aside out of kindness. Looking at Elena who was sitting in a wheelchair, Henry felt a little sad in his heart. "Elena, why did you become like this? When you left, you were not like this. Why did you promise to get engaged to me but disappear without a trace? Do you really leave because you don't like me?"

"Henry?" Elena had been avoiding him for so many years. Now, he suddenly appeared in front of her. She asked with uncertainty, as if she was dreaming.

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