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   Chapter 255 Change For You

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Although Darren liked his advice and was willing to change it, Austin would refuse without hesitation if there were many things that brought in trouble.

But Austin had never thought about how to make his beloved woman unhappy.

So Austin said with a smile. "Although I don't know what you are thinking about, I have told you many times that I only like you in my life. If you feel anything is wrong, you are welcome to test me at any time."

Of course, Joan knew everything. She knew it was true, so she said, "I've told you. I believe you don't have to say it again. Besides, I haven't fully understood it yet. So sometimes, I just hope that you don't push me."

"Don't worry. That day will never come. As long as you agree, everything is possible." Darren knew that Joan must have something in her heart. Otherwise, every time he expressed his love to her, she would feel happy.

So she couldn't be anxious.

"Well, you can go to deal with your documents now. I'll have a rest." Joan put down the teacup, patted her mouth and yawned.

It seemed that Joan still didn't wake up.

Seeing that she was so tired, Darren didn't feel anything wrong. He just smiled and said, "even you are so tired. You'd better have a rest now. Lie down and I'll tuck you in."

Joan nodded and lay down on the sofa. Darren fetched the air-conditioning quilt from the sofa and covered her gently.

Joan closed her eyes and was about to sleep.

Seeing Joan close her eyes slightly, Darren couldn't help smiling. Perhaps it was simple happiness.

Then he stood up and walked to his desk and sat down, starting to deal with the article.

On the other side.

The two of them came to interview a star, saying that it was past due, but they also had potential to be tapped, so they had to come here.

Two years ago, Elena was a popular star. Because of the injury, she couldn't take part in a performance anymore. Therefore, she was out of the screen all the time.

For some reason, she was suddenly willing to accept an interview.

In fact, everyone was a little surprised. She fell down and refused all the interviews.

Linda was invited by Elena.

When they arrived, they rang the doorbell.

"This place is quite luxurious. Is that woman really living here?" A trace of confusion flashed through Austin's eyes. Elena was a popular star, but she was not in good health, she should not be able to make money. It was strange for her to live in such a luxurious house.

ry much. I just hope that you can hold on to it. "

"Don't say such harsh words. Besides, you are not an 80 year old woman. Don't call me like that. It's disgusting." Austin was a straightforward man. He didn't care who he was in front of, let alone a outdated star. He wouldn't be afraid.

Linda felt something was wrong with this kind of thing. The most important thing was that she didn't want to be too direct. It would hurt others, so she couldn't help saying. "Austin, you came with me for an interview, not to offend anyone."

"I'm sorry. I came here to help you, but I didn't expect that I didn't."

"Miss, in fact, this gentleman is not wrong at all. It was my fault to be so arrogant to you before. I should have been taught a lesson. Besides, there are not many people who can meet such a situation now. You should cherish it." Elena thought she should give him a hand in this matter. In fact, the two of them seemed to be destined to be a couple.

Helen couldn't help but frown slightly. "Miss, don't make trouble with them anymore. They are scared. By that time, no one will defend you."

"Helen, something is not that simple. Besides, even if I tell them, they may not be able to defend me. Besides, I just want to tell them what I'm thinking. Don't make a fuss." Elena didn't think this matter needed to be too urgent. Moreover, even if she said it out, it wouldn't be solved in a short time.

Feeling that this kind of thing was not simple, Linda said with a smile, "if you have any grievance, just tell me. I will remember all of these and even write them down to you. They are absolutely not like those bad reporters."

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