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   Chapter 251 What's The Use Of You

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Linda didn't care about such things at all. She gently touched her forehead and temple, as if she was in great pain now.

But after a while, she said lightly. "Since you have said so, I won't argue with such a person. Most importantly, I don't mean anything else. If you force me like this, you can't blame me, right?"

"Linda, have you been stimulated recently? It won't happen at all." Joan felt that her good friend was really different from before. Otherwise, she wouldn't have said this or lost her temper so frequently. It was inconceivable.

Austin asked with a frown. He didn't know why this girl suddenly became like this. "Linda, what happened to you recently? Why did you suddenly become like this?"

The corners of Linda's mouth twitched slightly. And in the face of such a thing, she always felt that something was wrong, but she couldn't figure it out. But there were many times that she still hoped to make it right.

But she didn't expect that the one she loved most would say so casually, as if she had really changed a lot. Thinking of this, she couldn't help but curl her lips. "After all, we are friends. Isn't it a little inappropriate? In addition, there are many things that I haven't completely understood. I know I'm a little angry now, but you don't have to expose me like this."

Henry always felt that this girl was a little lively, but she was not his type.

Otherwise, he would take her away from him no matter she was Austin's or not. After all, he was too lonely.

Austin didn't think it was a good idea to force her randomly to do something. Anyway, he couldn't do it at will. Otherwise, they would get into trouble. So he reached out his hand and gently covered her mouth. "Don't worry. He won't send us. He just comes to say goodbye to us. Let's go now!"

Then he took Linda's hand and left.

It never occurred to Linda that she would be taken away by someone else like this. And she hadn't told anyone about this kind of thing recently. Although she felt helpless at the thought of this, she knew that there were many things that could not be explained simply by herself, so she had to leave with them.

Joan looked at Henry with some embarrassment. "Although I know you are a good person, there are some good people may not be treated as good. Because sometimes, if you do too much wrong, others will also be bad. So I just hope you can pay more attention to this matter."

"I won't take it to heart. Don't worry. It was all my sister's fault. Al


But sometimes, Henry always felt helpless and it seemed that he could be manipulated at any time.

In the face of such a matter, Darren was naturally dissatisfied, and heard his words seemed to be fawning on someone's pitiful heart, so he said coldly, "In fact, we all know what happened to you, but there is no need to be here, right? Most importantly, there is no need to act like this and do whatever you want. If you continue to act so casually, don't blame on me for being rude to you."

Henry had no idea why his good friend would suddenly lose his temper. Most importantly, he didn't do anything wrong. What was wrong with him now?

Joan felt that this guy must be jealous, so she reached out her hand and gently rubbed his nose. "I have nothing to do with him, and he is just my new friend. So don't bother him about this matter."

Hearing the explanation of his beloved woman, Darren couldn't help but nod. "Let's go away. Don't talk nonsense with this guy anymore."

Now, Henry finally realized that they had said that he was inhuman with opposite sex. Now, he also felt that this fellow was the same. He waved his hand gently at them and then said, "If you don't have anything else to do, you can leave first. And I'm also very tired now. So, I'm sorry for absence."

After saying that, Henry left quickly. He didn't want to get involved in such a matter, nor did he want to destroy it because of him. Therefore, for the safety of everyone, he felt that he shouldn't stay here, so he asked for leave.

After Henry left, Joan gently hooked Darren's arm with her right hand and smiled at him. "Since he has gone far, let's go in hurry!"

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