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   Chapter 249 Finally Came To The End

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Looking at the receding figure of Zoey, Joan could not help but slightly twitch the corners of her mouth. She had not intended to make a fuss with her, but at the beginning, she could not stand.

But now, why did she leave without any reason?

Henry said with a faint smile as he saw his sister leave. "Look at you two. I assume she will give up soon!"

"No, Henry, you're wrong. You underestimated your sister. She is much more thoughtful than you. Most importantly, her ability can't be underestimated. The more you want her to give up, the more she will adhere to you." Linda felt that she had gone through so much experience to understand the truth.

The corners of Henry's mouth twitched slightly. He couldn't help but touch his forehead with his hand, looking dissatisfied. "I don't think so!"

Darren nodded at him vigorously and said without hesitation, "Yes."

"Then why is she still unwilling to let go even though she has been hurt for countless times? Although all of us are the holy beings of love, we don't have to be giving back!" Henry couldn't help but scratch his head to show that he was very remorseful now. In addition, there were many reasons for this, and he was still not completely clear about it.

But it was the first time he had taken part in such kind of thing of his sister. He didn't expect such a result. More importantly, so many people pointed to his sister, and his sister was so shameless, which made him lose face.

It was a pity that he had said before that he didn't care about her love affairs. No matter how much she had done, he couldn't interfere with it at will.

Why did he feel a little regretful now?

Linda always felt that she was competing with this guy. Most importantly, he was too shameless!

"In fact, I think your family are basically the holy beings of love, and there is no need to be so reckless about this matter. Most importantly, there is no need to be so clear about it!"

"In fact, I don't think your family is a saint of love, but an idiot. Apparently they doesn't like you, but you have to be so shameless. I feel a little strange." Joan thought that this kind of person could only be regarded as an idiot, even if he was infatuated, it didn't matter, because he didn't like her at all. If she insisted on like this, she would eventually get hurt.

Most importantly, she always liked to deceive herself like this. Was it really good?

Henry felt that the two sisters seemed to be stimulating him, but it was a fact. Moreover, their family was a saint of love, but unfortunately they fell in love with someone they shouldn't love, so he had to say helplessly. "In fact, there are many things that we can't

oo many things that she didn't know, from this point of view, this man was obviously a playboy.

"In fact, what Austin said is right. This guy is completely different from his sister. Moreover, he is an anthomaniac and even willing to sacrifice his life. Unfortunately, in the end, he knew that this woman was from his opponent. She just wanted to perplex him and destroy the company." Darren couldn't help explaining. As a child, he didn't have that kind of thought at all. The most important thing was that he might not be in the mood to care about anything now.

Joan couldn't help but frown slightly. She felt like it was on TV. Thinking of this, she couldn't help but ask, "Didn't he think about finding another one?"

"We don't need to teach him if he meets the right person. But unfortunately, he still can't forget that woman. We are thinking that if that woman comes back again, she might look for him again. After finding him, there might be some trouble." After saying that, Austin couldn't help but sigh. In the face of such a thing, they felt that this guy was too stupid.

"Well, let's stop talking like that. If he comes back suddenly, he will only be sad. So we'd better not talk nonsense here. Let's talk about it after we go home. Besides, we have finished eating. Let's go back to have a rest!" Joan reminded.

No matter it was right or wrong, at least there wouldn't be any special gaps between them. And most importantly, they couldn't discuss others in their territory!

"In fact, I think it's still early, and it's only noon. Why do we go back to rest? Oh, I forgot that I have to interview." Linda couldn't help but shout out loud. How could she forget such a thing at any time? Fortunately, it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon, or she would be late miserably.

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