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   Chapter 245 The Request Of Henry

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Joan thought this guy was quite interesting. She was curious about it. Most importantly, it seemed that they had something to do with each other.

"In fact, I didn't mean anything else. There are a lot of things that I haven't completely understood yet. So sometimes, it doesn't have to be like this."

Arthur didn't know what was going on. And he did not understand the reasons behind it.

So she asked helplessly. "In fact, I didn't mean anything else about it, and I don't want you to misunderstand it. So I hope you can..."

"You silly boy, if you have nothing else to do, just eat more. Don't think too much. The main problem today is mine. I should have told you earlier, but I didn't expect that the two guys would suddenly leave. So I'm sorry! Let's eat. " Austin thought that he had talked too much nonsense and hoped that he could forget all the nonsense.

In the face of such a matter, Arthur always felt that some things were too troublesome, and most importantly, there were many reasons that he was speechless about.

So he immediately looked at Austin and said, "didn't you say that you wanted me to have dinner? But what do you want me to eat now? How can I eat without chopsticks? "

The corners of Austin's mouth twitched slightly. It was because of his negligence, so he looked at Henry involuntarily.

Henry felt that he shouldn't have come here at all, and there were many things that were not like what he had imagined.

So Henry always felt very helpless. In addition, many times, he still did not fully understand.

Henry had no choice but to pick up the phone and dialed it.

After a while, someone brought bowls and chopsticks.

So they finished the meal in a harmonious way, only to find that no one made trouble for them. They could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. After all, sometimes they were not afraid, but just impatient.

So in the face of such a thing, she just hoped that there would not be too many misunderstandings between each other. And most of the time, she always felt very helpless.

Joan didn't feel surprised at all, so she said. "It seems that we all had a false alarm, and it's really troublesome."

"In fact, you don't need to do that at all. There are too many things that we can't be willing to do. So there are too many things that we don't need to do at all." Darren suddenly said this for no reason. In fact, he didn't know what he was talking about.

At this

good friends. Why do you have to split up like this? Your sister's matter doesn't count this time, but if it happens next time..."

"In fact, you know that Zoey has been disobedient since she was a child, and she likes you very much, so you have to solve this matter by yourself. You should not just reject her, but also take actions to show her, or she will think that you are playing hard to get. At that time, she will not let you go." Henry was completely overwhelmed.

She just hoped that everything could be normal!

"I don't know how many times I have done this, but it's a pity that Zoey doesn't understand it at all. What do you want me to do?" Darren was speechless. He didn't complain much about it, but Henry was too... Darren was interrupted by someone before he finished his words. "Don't worry about it. I'll figure out a way, so you don't have to care about it at all. The most important thing is that you have to comfort Joan."

Linda said unhappily after hearing what Henry said. "Joan can't be comforted so easily. So stop daydreaming."

"Linda, can you hear him out? What's more, it's a blessing to save a person." A trace of dissatisfaction flashed through Joan's eyes. Now Linda was getting faster and faster, and she didn't listen to others' words. Wasn't it too rash to end the conversation like this?

Linda stood up immediately and said with a smile, "Well, I'll listen to you. Besides, there's no loss anyway, so cut the crap and say it quickly, okay?"

Henry stood up immediately and looked at Linda. "As a woman, you'd better not be in such a hurry. Otherwise, you will be sad and hurt."

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