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   Chapter 239 The Madness Of Zoey

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Darren was speechless with this kind of woman. The most important thing was how she always talked about such a mess here, but he didn't care about it at all. So there were some things that he just wanted to get this woman away.

So he held Zoey's hand and said, "You just go back now. It's so humiliating for your family to be like this."

Zoey looked at him discontentedly. "I just don't understand why I'm not as good as this woman? And I'm willing to do everything for you, even if it's what you want. I don't want you to be disappointed and I am willing to give everything out. Why don't you choose me? But only choose this woman."

Zoey was in a bad mood, and she had already known that she was just a bad person in front of him. Thinking of this, she felt that she had nothing to hide. If she hid too much, in the end, they still felt hypocritical.

Linda and Joan didn't say anything. They two moved things together.

They wanted to make these things well before Zoey left. Most importantly, they couldn't be so casual like this. Otherwise, they would really become a joke.

"I have told you that I don't like you. I just treat you as my sister. But now, you aren't even a sister, because what you have done can't be forgiven by people." Darren said in a pitiful tone. In addition, he was kind to this woman, but sometimes he felt that this woman was too domineering, and most importantly, it was not the first time that she had hurt his woman.

So in the face of such a thing, he had endured for a while, but she still did not give up. That could only make him know that he could not be good to her.

"In fact, I don't mean anything else about it. The most important thing is that I like you very much, and I should have known you before this woman. I can even give up all my dignity for you. But what explanation do you have for me? We two can get engaged and get married, but in the end, you abandoned me for a woman who does not have the same background with you. Do you think it's fair to me?" Zoey asked all her questions, and she didn't think she did anything wrong about it.

Although there were many things that she didn't know too much, she still loved what she loves.

When Austin saw this scene, he was very helpless. Besides, he had already known that they were trapped inside, so he went downstairs and climbed up along the wall pipe step by step. When he climbed to that step, he could see Linda from the window. He was knocking at the window and stretching out his hand.

Hearing the noise, Linda couldn't help

"You'd better let me drive you back. And about this kind of thing, I hope it won't happen again. It's better that you disappear forever."

"I don't need you to send me back, and I will never disappear unless I die. Otherwise, I will always pester you, because I want you." Zoey couldn't help but burst into laughter. She felt that her dream was great. No matter what, she had to study hard and even take everything into herself, because that was exactly what she wanted.

Joan had a feeling that this woman had gone crazy. But she thought there was much insistence about this. There won't be affection if people were not so stubborn.

Hearing the gossip of Zoey, Darren could not help but frown slightly. He bent down directly and carried her on his shoulder.

Joan didn't feel happy to see such a scene, but felt a little sad. Sometimes, falling in love with a person and loving the wrong person were two different kinds of injuries.

In fact, Linda felt pity for Zoey, but she had done too many bad things, so Linda couldn't help saying. "Joan, I know you're a very kind girl. I know it's a kind of torture for you, even not a real one. Sometimes, I don't want you to take revenge, but I just want you to protect yourself well and don't be bullied easily."

"In fact, no one has ever thought about such a thing. Even I, I also did not expect that these things would turn out like this. I thought that I could pass all these tests, or even let others say it in this way. But now, I seem to care a little, and even hope that they will not hate me like this." Joan suddenly felt a trace of despair. She even felt as if she had become the target of everyone, which made her feel breathless.

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