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   Chapter 233 Anyway, She Is His Wife

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A hint of dissatisfaction flashed through Darren's eyes, but he quickly took a step forward. Seeing that Zoey was walking towards him step by step, he could not help but frown slightly. "Why are you here all of a sudden?"

Zoey pouted with dissatisfaction. Then she walked quickly to his side and grabbed his arm. "Darren, did you forget that you invited me to dinner that day? I've been waiting for you there for a long time. I thought you made a mistake, so I waited for you every day. But you didn't come in the end. I called you again and again, but you didn't come."

Zoey began to cry sadly. She had made great efforts to dress up and waited for him there, but in the end, he even didn't give her a call.

And the most pathetic thing was that when she called him, his phone was powered off, so how could she not be sad.

Darren pushed her hand away and took two steps back. "In fact, I'm just asking you out for someone else. Besides, you should think it over. How could I ask you out? Besides, I don't like you at all. I don't have any feelings on you? At most, I would treat you as my sister. So you'd better stop thinking too much. Otherwise, I will feel very awkward."

Indeed, Joan had something to talk to this woman, so she could not help but walk up to her. Looking at Zoey, she said, "In fact, I wanted to meet you. The most important thing is that I want to get justice for my good friend. Perhaps I know that your goal is me, but you can never hurt my good friend. Unfortunately, your plan failed. What are you thinking now? And most importantly, I hope you can apologize."

A trace of viciousness flashed through Zoey's eyes, but it quickly disappeared. Then she looked at Joan with grievance and asked, "What are you talking about? Why can't I understand you?"

"Don't pretend to be innocent in front of me. I don't want to listen to your explanation about this kind of thing. Most importantly, you'd better not be so casual in the future. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude to you. Besides, I'm her woman, and you're just a mistress. I don't think you're even a mistress, because he didn't betray me for you." Joan said these words without hesitation. The most important thing was that she didn't want to show off, but hoped that this woman could quit.

If she dared to hurt her sister again, she would never show mercy to her.

Zoey didn't understand at all. There were many reasons that she didn't know at all, and sometimes she wouldn't be so casual. Therefore, sometimes she thought this woman was too hateful. She had been pregnant with the chil

't know how to do?

Most importantly, she really wanted to understand many of these reasons.

But there were many reasons. She was still so unclear about it, so she caused some trouble!

So it was better to be such plain and peace.

"In fact, we don't need to care too much about this kind of thing. In addition, there are many things that we are not familiar with. If everything goes on like this, it will only cause a great burden to us. So it's better to continue like this, so that we won't be bothered between you and me." Darren had thought that they didn't need to worry about these things at all, because if they were too upset, there would only be some bad things between them.

Austin and Linda rushed over after breakfast. After all, they two didn't want to be separated from each other. The last thing they wanted to go was the South Pole.

Although they knew it might be just a joke, they would not lower their guard like this, so they quickly drove over.

When they two got off the car, they wanted to knock at the door, but they saw that the door was not closed at all. And they heard that the two of them seemed to be quarreling and did not make a sound.

When Joan turned around, she felt something troublesome, so she asked in confusion, "In fact, I can understand what you said, but I just can't figure it out. Can you wait me figure it out first?"

"What else don't you think through? Besides, I haven't heard what you said since I came here. But I think the most important thing for two people is to trust each other. Besides, you have already been his wife now. Why do you still say that nonsense? It was really strange."

Linda walked quickly to her and seemed to be persuading her.

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