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   Chapter 229 Appease Austin

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Joan nodded with satisfaction. "If you help me take revenge, you will be my savior. Then how do you need me to repay you?"

Darren held her in his arms and raised her chin gently. "What do you think you should do to repay me?"

"Do you want me to marry you?" Joan asked, pretending to be scared and reluctant.

Darren was a little speechless when he saw her like this. "Are you really so reluctant?"

Joan pushed his hand away gently and looked at him with dissatisfaction. "Can you stop asking about it? Besides, why would we ask each other about it? Besides, as long as we trust each other, everything would be fine, okay? "

Darren thought what she said made sense, so he let go of her directly.

Suddenly, he turned around and walked to the other side.

Joan had no idea what he was up to?

When she saw him walking to the other side, he kept staring at that place.

There was only a bottle there, which seemed to be red wine. He reached out his hand to hold the red wine, turned around and walked towards her again. He didn't forget to take out two glasses from the wine cabinet.

She couldn't help but curl her lips. Did he want to drink with her?

Darren walked towards Joan step by step. No one knew whether he did it on purpose or not. She only knew that he took the wine in his hand.

When he walked up to Joan, he bent over and put the glass on the table. Then he straightened up and said with a smile. "Since you have drunk champagne today, would you mind drinking only one glass of wine?"

Joan felt that this guy was jealous. She covered her belly and said discontentedly. "You know I'm pregnant. If it weren't for saving life, I wouldn't have drunk that champagne. Now, are you forcing me to break the rules?"

"Since you can drink champagne to save someone, don't you plan to drink red wine to save me?" Darren's tone was full of dissatisfaction, as if he would expose all this in the last moment.

Joan was quite helpless. She didn't know what to say about it, but she couldn't just ignore it. So sometimes she felt something was wrong. "In fact, you shouldn't think too much. Most importantly, there are many reasons..."

"Don't try to reason with me. I don't want to hear it at all." Darren was like a 3-year-old child, as if everything should go as he wished.

Facing such a situation and such arrogance, Joan wanted to slap him directly behind on his back. But on second thought, it was obviously her fault. It was natural for him to blame her like this, so she said it directly. "I just want to have a drink, okay?"

"Actually, I only want you to have one glass." After hearing the confirmation f

k that you are playing with her feelings, so she went to the bar to play with herself every day. So you'd better come back as soon as possible. You should explain this matter clearly, otherwise I won't forgive you." Darren was speechless about this. He didn't expect that the two of them would talk about marriage.

Thinking of this, he felt a little helpless, but he still hung up the phone. He believed that Austin would come back again.

"You're getting better and better. You're even able to hook up with girls. Since you've already fallen in love with someone, why don't you give it a try? It's not a big deal to get married. Why are you so afraid?" Arthur thought that Austin was a little silly. He had a crush on someone, but he gave up so easily. How silly he was!

Austin couldn't help smiling bitterly. "In fact, I don't want to do that, either. But when I heard that we are going to get married, I ran away without hesitation."

Arthur had always thought that this guy was a man who dared to take the responsibility, but he did not expect that he would escape because of this matter.

He complained. "In fact, there are a lot of things that you two should deal with each other. Otherwise, according to your girlfriend's character, she will definitely do something very unreasonable. Most importantly, she is also implicating the boss's wife. Are you completely crazy? Even if you are afraid, you should at least make it clear. She loves you with all her heart, and you also love her with all your heart. You can't just break up like this!"

Austin thought what Arthur said was very reasonable, so he nodded immediately. "Thank you for reminding me of this. Then I won't disturb you. I'm leaving now. Please forgive me for what happened here."

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