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   Chapter 227 I Really Like You

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Joan thought what Darren said was quite reasonable, but sometimes, there was no need for them to be so distinct, so she could not help but smile faintly.

"In fact, I know what you said. I also know that their target is me. But I feel very depressed when I see that they are madly trying to kidnap Linda. Since their main target is me, they should try their best to kidnap me back. Why do they always kidnap my good friends? What's more, the so-called Zoey is really insane. She is also like this. I'm afraid that she will be more impulsive after this failure. Why don't I go straight go to meet her?"

Darren thought that this woman was so stupid that no one would be willing to do that, so he said discontentedly, "You silly woman, even if you come to her, she won't do anything to you. Don't forget that she hasn't admitted it till now. Besides, we haven't asked her yet. Besides, do you really think she will admit it?"

"Is that all? How about my friend?" Anger flashed in Joan's eyes, but more was dissatisfied. Although she didn't know many things, she knew clearly about this. So sometimes, no matter whether she succeeded or not, she had to try her best to complete them, not so casually like this.

"I think you are completely stupid. And about this kind of thing, we are just talking about it. If you take all of this seriously, it only proves that you are too stupid. Besides, don't worry about this revenge. I will definitely avenge for you and won't let you regret like this. So sometimes, the most important thing between us is to trust each other. I just hope you can trust me." Darren knew that he couldn't ease this anger, but sometimes it would not be too realistic.

Joan didn't know much about them, but she thought she shouldn't let go of a bad guy, so she said, "If you really like me, please ask that woman out. I want to have a talk with her."

Although Darren was a little reluctant, he saw her firm eyes and seemed to be unwilling to give in. He had no choice but to pick up his mobile phone and call Zoey.

At first, Zoey thought that she would never succeed like this after her plan failed. But sometimes, everything was completely different from what she thought, so she could not help smiling slightly. Because someone called her, and she liked that most.

She couldn't help but pick up her phone and pressed the answer key. She put the phone near her ear and said, "Darren. What's up?"

In response to such a sweet voice, Darren did not think a little bit, but said lightly, "Are you available? I wan

continued to think too much, it would only cause him some trouble.

Hearing Darren's words, Joan couldn't help covering her mouth to show her excitement or happiness.

But soon she stared at Darren fiercely and said, "Although I know it's not what you want, sometimes, can you stop being like this? Otherwise, I always feel something strange."

"I'm telling the truth from my heart. I've told you that I have become this because of you. Besides, I like you with all my heart!" Darren said helplessly. He didn't know how many times he had confessed such a thing, but this girl didn't give him a choice at all.

Thinking of this, sometimes he was on the verge of collapse.

Every time Joan heard his confession, she could not understand why she always felt scared.

Most importantly, she felt that it was not true.

So she straightened her body and turned to look at him. "In fact, I know what you said, but sometimes, I feel that what you said is not true. Most importantly, who will always talk about love? Isn't this kind of love too cheap?"

"I really don't want to talk about it anytime, but you should be very clear about what I'm doing for you. I'm willing to cook for you, and I'm willing to give up everything for you. I believe you can understand this matter very clearly, right?" A hint of dissatisfaction flashed through Darren's eyes. He did this just to let her know how much he loved her, not to mention that he didn't seem to do anything wrong in his action.

So on this point, he was really depressed. He only hoped that she could accept him in the future, and even for him, if she could do this, because they should accept each other when they loved each other.

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