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   Chapter 224 Looking Parents For Children

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Seeing her so depressed, Darren couldn't help but curl his lips. "Do you think I'm the kind of person who can't tell right from wrong in your heart?"

"I don't think so. And I don't think I did anything wrong about it? I just hope that you can earn more money, but don't spend too much. Otherwise, in the end, it will be you offended me or I would offend you. In addition, don't be like this in the future. Although I know that you are doing this for me, it just only takes a few steps. Moreover, you can directly park your car at the front door. "Joan felt that her temper seemed to have changed a little, and most importantly, how could she be bullied so casually?

So it was naturally a request for a while. So no matter what, she could not be so casual.

So sometimes, she had to work hard.

"I was wrong this time. I won't do such a thing again. Don't be angry. And now we'd better leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, your good friend will be anxious to wait for you in the hospital." Darren couldn't help swallowing. Although it was a burden for him, he had never thought that it would be like this. Moreover, he was helpless just now, so there would be such a trouble.

Although he was a little regretful, since he had already done such a thing, there was no room for regret. Therefore, he naturally let go of these things.

Joan felt that this guy was making trouble for her on purpose. Otherwise, how could she forget this or that? So it was all his fault. "Then why did you say so much? Just send me there quickly!"

Although Darren was a little speechless, he didn't think it was a big deal. In addition, there were many reasons behind it. He couldn't be clear about it when he was really in a relationship, so there was no need to do so.

He reached out his hand and pulled Joan to the car. He opened the door for her, closed the door and got in.

As expected, they arrived at the supermarket directly.

There were a lot of people at the entrance of the supermarket, and most importantly, there were many cars as well. So sometimes, everyone was very busy and didn't give way to anyone.

"How about we go to the big supermarket?" Darren couldn't help but put forward his suggestion. There were too many people at the door, and it would take a long time to line up. It was better to go to the big one directly.

Joan nodded as she saw that there were indeed quite a lot of people outside and she was in a hurry to go to the hospital. "Well, let's go somewhere else!"

Hearing this, Darren drove to the RT-market in the downtown.

Although there were a lot of

t so serious? But if I did not make it serious, how could that woman take it seriously?" Joan pursed her lips in displeasure. She knew she had gone too far, but she was just kindly reminding her!

"Maybe you are right. After your reminding, she won't appreciate you at all. And don't think too much about it. Sometimes, you can't say that casually." Darren said cautiously, afraid of offending this woman at once.

Joan stuck out her tongue at him mischievously. "Well, you're right. I didn't think over about it. But now, I still have something to do. Just take me away as soon as possible. I'm very distressed about this matter now. If you continue to act like this, my life will be very depressed."

Darren couldn't help but rub his head, as if everything was unacceptable to her, but he still said. "Although there are many things that I really don't understand, now I feel that everything is beyond our imagination, so what I hope most is that you can understand the reason, so that we won't have so many troubles in the future. "

Don't worry about it. It won't happen again. What's more, who would lose their children every day? You don't need to worry too much about it. Besides, I didn't mean it." Joan's voice faded off as if she had really made mistakes on something extremely important.

The corners of Darren's mouth lifted slightly. He was very happy to see her admit defeat. "Although there are a lot of things I don't know, I'm still very happy about it. The most important thing is that you can recognize your mistakes, which is the most important for me."

"Don't you know that when you say this, I'm totally disdaining you now." Joan rolled her eyes at him. It seemed that she really despised him.

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