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   Chapter 223 Apologize To Each Other

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Although Joan felt a lot of pain in her heart, she knew that even if she was joking, everything might be different.

In the face of all the things, she naturally did not say anything else, so she could only comfort like this.

Darren was speechless about this, but he had no choice. This woman must have such an idea. It seemed that he had to observe her carefully in the future.

Otherwise, if he was fired by her at any time, he would definitely be in trouble.

"Since you are so honest, I won't make a fuss with you. The most important thing between us is to trust each other. And I don't want you to betray me in the end." A trace of confusion flashed through Darren's eyes, but more was determined in it. If this woman really left him, he would find her back without hesitation.

Even if she was trapped by him in the end, he would not feel anything.

Joan thought the man she liked was a devil, so sometimes she didn't know what to do. But most importantly, it was the best thing for her to face him like this.

After all, it was the greatest happiness for her to meet such an infatuated man and treat her so sincerely. While sometimes, she would not cherish it, because she did not know what she should cherish.

So in the face of such a thing, she could only give up.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but smile faintly. "In fact, there are many things between us that we don't know what to do. Most importantly, there are many reasons that no one can tell clearly. So, what I just said is just a joke. Don't take it seriously. Otherwise, I always feel like if I have done something wrong."

Darren pretended not to care about it, "I know you are joking about this, so I won't take it too seriously with you. Besides, I know you will never leave me, don't you think so?"

Facing his gaze, Joan felt a little cold feet, but she pretended that nothing would happen. "If I do this, you can take me back and treat me as you like."

"Well, since you have made such a decision, if you are really escape in the future, I will take you back without hesitation. At that time, no matter what I say, you will do it, right?" Darren said with a smile, as if everything was under his control. The most important thing was that this woman wanted him to say that he was making a joke, but he was not so stupid. After all, he knew that she seemed to have such a purpose to leave him, so he had to be careful.

A trace of dissatisfaction flashed through Joan's eyes. She didn't know

all your fault. If you didn't mention these things, how could I walk around here? Most importantly, we should go to buy something now, or how could I visit my good friend? So, hurry up and drive."

Darren frowned and felt speechless when he saw his woman being so rude to him.

But soon he smiled faintly. "Then rush get in the car."

Joan's eyes widened. She was speechless to see such a car parking in front of them. "Are you looking for a designated driver? Otherwise, how could it come over itself while we just stay here? "

"You are right. I asked someone else to drive this car here." Darren had already asked someone to park his car here when they came out. So when they came out, the car had been parked at the door, but she didn't know it.

Joan thought it was a waste, and it wouldn't take long to get to the parking lot? It seemed that rich people were different. They were so casual. Thinking of this, she couldn't help saying, "Although I can't say too much about something, I still think that although you are very rich now, it doesn't mean that you could spend the money on this? What's more, we can get there in a few steps. Why do we need a designated driver? "

"If you weren't pregnant, I wouldn't have asked them. Besides, it's good for your health to walk more, but isn't it good for you to go too far?" Darren felt that he was really lazy. His car was parked not far from the door, but he found a designated driver. It was a bit waste of resources.

Joan was really speechless, but she couldn't go too far, so she smiled and said, "Forget it. Although I know you must be in a complicated mood now, I think you are a wastrel."

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