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   Chapter 216 I Don't Know How It Was

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Austin knew that it was all his fault. Besides, he had never thought about it before. Now it was really not good to tell anyone, so he could not help but said, "If you can be safe like this, it will be a very good thing for me. Besides, I know I was wrong before, so I will apologize to you."

Hearing his apology, Linda couldn't help but point at her mouth and said, "I will believe you after you kiss me."

The corners of Austin's mouth twitched slightly. "I don't think it's a good idea!"

Linda looked around, and no one saw them, so she curled her lips with dissatisfaction. "Now that you have said you like me, then why is it so difficult for you to kiss me?"

Austin reached out his hand and touched his chin, showing that he was very confused. If the two of them were like this, was there any problem?

Just then, a nurse came in with something in her hand. She looked at Linda who was lying on the bed and said with a faint smile. "Miss, the doctor said you can leave the hospital soon. Congratulations!"

There was a flash of disbelief in Linda's eyes. And it made her confused. Although she was not seriously injured, she should not suddenly ask her to leave, it should be a little strange.

Austin seemed to have expected that and turned to look at the nurse. "Are you sure the doctor said that?"

The nurse was confused when she saw the two of them suspect her so much. "Why would I lie to you?"

The nurse was not only confused, but also felt that these two people were very strange. She had no idea what this kind of stuff came from.

"That's because I was cheated by a nurse just now. I hope you are not a liar." A murderous look flashed through Austin's eyes, and his hands clenched into fists. If he hadn't found something wrong, he wouldn't have acted like this.

The nurse couldn't help trembling in the face of this. After all, she had no idea of what had happened before, so she said with fear. "Although I don't know who you are, I really didn't lie to you. It was the doctor who asked me to tell you this. I was just following orders."

Although Linda felt a little unbelievable, she also knew that Austin did this for her, so she could never be impulsive. Being too impulsive was always too troublesome.

In the face of everything, no one could say anything.

Most importantly, there were many reasons that they didn't know how to face them.

So Linda thought for a long time and said slowly. "Now that she said it was the doctor who called her, you can just follow her to see the doctor, right?"

Austin thought it was a good idea, s


Darren didn't like such things at all, especially when he heard what she said. He felt as if she was jealous, so he raised the corners of his mouth slightly. "Are you jealous?"

In the face of such a thing, Joan always felt that everything was beyond her imagination. In addition, there were many reasons that she didn't need to understand at all. But when she heard him say so, she couldn't help reaching out her hand and gently pinched his nose. "I think you are not good at talking. Moreover, if I am jealous, I may pester you to go out!"

"Are you trying to cover it up?" Darren didn't care what she said at all, because sometimes these things didn't need to be expressed at all.

Joan felt like she had been fooled by this guy. She frowned and said, "aren't you going out? Why haven't you gone out yet? Besides, if you don't go out now, your friends will be anxious. "

Darren didn't care about such kind of thing at all. Besides, he knew that there were many things between them, and most importantly, this kind of thing couldn't be known by this woman now. Otherwise, there would be a scene.

So Darren patted his clothes and took two steps forward. He straightened up and held Joan in his arms. If it weren't for her big belly, the two would have been able to hold each other tightly.

Feeling confused, Joan pushed Darren away and asked, "what are you doing now? It's not like a lifelong separation. "

"Ha ha ha... I just want to hug you. Why are you so mean? " Darren was pushed away by her. He was caught off guard, so he felt a little painful and pinched the spot.

Joan rolled her eyes at him and said, "we're both adults. I don't know what will happen if others see us like this."

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