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   Chapter 215 So Sure

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Joan didn't have any requirements for this matter. Most importantly, she didn't fully understand many of these reasons, so she said shyly. "In fact, we didn't laugh for anything. It's just that we look at each other, so we think it's funny."

Of course, Linda wouldn't tell anyone about the secret between the two of them, so she nodded. "What she said is absolutely right. We two are just too bored to look at each other and want to laugh."

Seeing that the two of them didn't seem to be unwilling to tell the truth, Darren was also very helpless.

"In that case, aren't we two redundant here?"

Darren didn't have any special pursuit of this matter, and there were many things that he didn't expect at all. So he was really tired about this.

In the face of such a thing, he still hoped to know something.

Austin stood aside and didn't say anything more. He knew that no matter what he said, they might not be willing to talk to him so much. So sometimes, he felt that he should be calm. Otherwise, everything would be beyond his imagination.

Joan felt helpless. Actually they didn't say anything? How can they be unsatisfactory?

"Darren, could you please behave yourself? Isn't it too bad for you to do that?"

Joan didn't think it necessary to keep doing this. More importantly, she felt there was not the big deal.

So sometimes, we have to separate with each other.

Linda didn't want the two of them to be at odds because of herself, so she said, "actually, it's not a big deal. Don't make a fuss about it."

With a sneer at the corners of Joan's mouth, not to Linda, she said to Darren, "Look at you. She has spoken for you like this, but you are still like this. I think you..."

In fact, Darren didn't know what he had done wrong, but when he saw that she was so angry, a trace of blame flashed through his eyes. "I still don't know what I have done wrong? Why do you always make trouble for me? "

"I don't think Mr. Darren did anything wrong!" Austin was telling the truth. Why did she always make trouble for him!

In fact, Linda had already sensed it just now. She just wanted to save his face, but she didn't expect that the two of them would be so united.

Joan felt that she was losing face there. Besides, she didn't want to do that before. Now everything seemed to be different.

She gently pinched her nose and put it down. Then she looked up at Darren and said, "It's my fault. I apologize to you, okay?"

Hearing her cowardice, Darren raised the corners of his mouth slightly, but he knew that he could

tion. Then she picked it up and began to eat it.

Joan pursed her lips in displeasure. "Look at you. The man you love is so kind to you. Why don't you marry him as soon as possible?"

"Joan, I'm very hungry now. Please go home and cook for me." Linda felt that this matter was completely helpless. In addition, there were many things that she could not choose, so in this respect, she still hoped that there would be no misunderstanding between them.

More importantly, she hadn't thought about confessing her love to him again.

So apart from blushing, there seemed to be more blame.

Darren thought that if the two of them continued to talk, they might have a showdown like this.

So he immediately walked up to Joan and grabbed her arm. "Didn't you say that you would cook for her when you went back? In that case, let's hurry up and leave! "

Joan knew exactly what Darren wanted to do, so she smiled faintly and said, "Well, since you have said that, I won't be so casual. Let's go now!"

Darren had been helpless about this. He thought that she would refuse him, but he didn't expect that things were completely different from what he thought, Thinking of this, he smiled and said, "Then you hurry go with me!"

After saying that, he took her out directly.

Linda had always been envious of such things, so there was a flash of expectation in her eyes.

Austin stood aside and held his trousers tightly, as if his trousers were about to fall.

After a while, he put down his hand and said nervously, "In fact, after you recover, we two can also live a life as sweet as they are."

Raising her head, Linda looked at him in surprise. "Are you sure? Won't you hurt me again? "

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