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   Chapter 174 Being Hit

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All of a sudden, Linda ran out of the room, which made Joan heartbroken. Besides, that man, Austin, refused her. She felt it was time to leave her to calm down, or else there would be some fight between them.

So she decided not to chase out now. She looked at Austin coldly. "What the hell is going on with you? She confessed to you because she thinks highly of you. Moreover, she likes you all the time. Can't you really accept her? Even if you can't accept it, you can't say it so directly."

"The most important thing is, have you ever thought about the feelings of girls? It took her a lot to figure out how to express her love to you. But you just refused. Do you really have the heart that a man should have?"

Austin's heart ached when he saw Linda run out of the room, but he thought he would blame himself if he didn't figure it out. More importantly, there were so many misunderstandings among them, and he couldn't forget what happened at that time.

He apologized to Joan. "I'm very sorry for this matter, and for my own difficulties, I can't drag down her because of myself."

Darren naturally knew about his choice and did go along with Austin on this matter. "Joan, there are many things that are totally different from what you think. Most importantly, there are too many things that you can't understand. So I hope that we can talk about these things later. Most importantly, we have to find your sister as soon as possible. I'm afraid that she'll take things too hard."

Hearing that, Joan furrowed her eyebrows tightly. "If something bad really happened to her, you would have to be fully responsible for it. Even if everything is like what you said and you have your own difficulties, have you ever thought that you refused her without hesitation even a reason when a woman expressed her love in such a way? Don't you feel embarrassed or guilty?"

"I am indeed very guilty, but about this matter, I don't have other explanations. Even if you ask me a lot now, I can't make it clear."

What had happened in the past had been a great pain in his heart, so he would never say it so casually.

Otherwise, he would have accepted Linda before.

Darren didn't want to talk about it in front of his friends. Moreover, he didn't get the permission of him. If he told them about it, he would get into trouble. Besides, even if he could tell them about it and let them know each other, he couldn't say something sad about them in front.

So he pulled Joan over and whispered in her ear. "I'll explain it

it was hard for her to walk.

Darren can't help but worrying. He quickly stepped forward and grabbed her hand. "Don't lose your temper again. Tell me, where is she? I'll drive you there, or we can take a taxi together. "

"It's none of your business. Why didn't you care about me before when you were so cruel to me?"

Joan was still mad at him for what he had done to her. It never occurred to her that he would even yell at her for that.

Darren naturally knew the reason of her anger, but sighed "You don't understand. You can't imagine what Austin went through. So it's normal that he reject."

"Are men all looking for excuses for their own acts like this?" Joan couldn't help but laugh at him. He had told her clearly that he had a little feelings for Linda, so why did he act so heartless?

"You must have misunderstood Austin. Do you know that his girlfriend was hurt by his so-called monitor? He hated himself for not being able to protect his girlfriend. Whenever he thought of it, he felt hurt in his heart. So, he always thought that he was unable to protect Linda well. After all, she was just a helpless girl, so deep in his heart, he never cared about her. He refused. "

Darren could only tell Joan about it, or else it would be a disaster for them.

Joan was stunned. She couldn't believe it, but she believed what she had heard was true. "Let's go to the Beautiful Park," she urged.

On their way to the park, Joan and Darren talked a lot. She finally knew what had happened about Austin. When they arrived at the park, they found that Linda was walking out of mind. Joan called out, but no one heard her. All of a sudden, a car came and hit Linda.

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