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   Chapter 122 No Compromise

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It was not surprising that Scott could take the initiative to contact him, because Adam was a wolf in sheep's clothing. He must be more cruel and merciless than anyone else when he made money.

She deliberately waited for the phone to ring for a while before she answered it slowly.

"Oh, Scott! What happened? I'm flattered. Please forgive my carelessness! I'm humbled to learn. " Although he was unhappy, he had to maintain his work on the surface.

Hearing the sound of Adam, Scott couldn't help but frown. His voice made you shiver. His voice was hoarse and gloomy, especially when he flattered you in his special tone. After that, there were countless daggers waiting for you.

In a flash, he gave out a deadly stab.

Sitting on the armrest of the car, Scott slowly said, "I watched TV just now. I guessed that Mr. Adam might have paid attention to the same thing with me just now, so I called you to discuss with you about my opinion on this matter."

The person they were plotting against was Darren Lu, who was able to listen to different opinions from others more thoroughly. Once they made a wrong decision, they could also make up for the deviation and find out the loophole.

So was Adam. But both of them believed that it would be a foregone conclusion to agree Lola to invest in the company. Even if Darren still had a knot in his heart. But Anna... Just like Nick Lu, the stupid madam of the Lu family, caused a big trouble because she didn't agree with the marriage of Joan Gu. And then Lola won the support of this stupid woman with their help.

They thought, 'now, I'm afraid that Darren is really holding a grudge. He can't let his family break up with each other because of this.

"Come on, Scott." "You must have a perfect plan in your mind. Today, you called me not only to ask for advice, but also to get even with me."

However, since he had said that, he was even more open-minded. With a heavy thud on the table, he said, "Mr. Geng, you are a straightforward person. It's natural that people from the gangland respect you. They said that you were a straightforward person and never sloppy, so I got to the point."

He also offered a large amount of money to Lola, asking her to come into the Lu Company. He asked directly, "I don't know how many assets she has brought with her this time and she's going to add in the family bolt. We've known each other for so long, why don't we discuss about it? At the same price, we can settle down."

Said Scott. Adam was not a serious business man. He had a dirty mind when it came to business. He actually obeyed all of Scott's suggestions and tried to flatter him. It was just what he wanted.

However, there was another way for him to do it. Hanging up the phone, he set up a new table of playing cards and light

till something you can't let go? Someone said that if you keep a secret for too long, you will be tired. You have walked for so long with a secret that you can't tell. It's time for you to let go of yourself and enjoy your life, instead of being trudged by life. "

Just as he said, she was beautiful, well dressed in front of people, with tears on the back, and too many things of regret accumulated, making her unable to relax like a small mountain.

She sighed and asked, not confident, "do you think if Darren Lu will hate me more if I tell him everything? I was wrong and I deserved it no matter what he did to me. But he is a good man and I don't want to see him get hurt. I don't want us to become enemy."

People were greedy. They clearly knew that they could not get two kinds of good things at the same time, but they always wanted to have both.

In addition, she was still worried about the curse of the two devils. However, Shawn didn't know this. To avoid making him worried, she had never mentioned the threatening in the phone that day in front of him.

That wasn't a threat. According to her understandings of Scott in the past few days, he was not a good man, and his threat would finally came true. She thought that she would surely go against him for sure if she didn't listen to him.

Lola deeply believed in it.

"You still have me. Don't be afraid. Trust me. I don't know what kind of person Joan is, but I think she should be protected and pitied like you since she's pregnant. "

After all, you had me. Joan had nothing if she left Darren.

Everything should have a good ending.

Today's sunshine was really good. Standing in Mr. Lu's apartment, she felt a faint feeling of safety in the air which she was very familiar to her when she was once the hostess.

She didn't know what on earth made her feel exactly like home.

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