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   Chapter 119 The Plan

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As for the Jian Company, Jean had never been here since she became a model. This time, she walked in with her head held high.

She was in a fiery red dress and black high-heeled shoes. The light coming down from the roof of the office was reflected with the movement of her lips. It seemed that she was proud to announce that the queen came back, and she was still the unshakable hostess of the family.

When she pushed the door of Scott's office open, a graceful woman happened to leave. When the two women met each other, Jean was a little embarrassed and hostile, but the woman didn't. She just blinked at her as if she had seen her before.

Her good mood almost disappeared. With a gloomy face, she asked, "who's that woman? I've never seen her before. "

"The woman who just left?" He spread out his hands and said, "she is just a new employee in the company."

"Save it." Without any mercy, she slapped on the palm of Scott's hand, which was stretched out. "What are you two doing now? I'm not jealous. I'm here to talk business with you! "

Scott stopped laughing and whispered in her ear.

A smile gradually appeared on the woman's face.

Darren kept an impeccable expression on his face. When his buddies, who had heard about his marriage rumor, asked about Lola and Joan, he chose not to speak, nor to admit.

Since Lola seldom contacted him recently, he naturally wouldn't take the initiative to call her. He knew that he would ask Austin to help him and send Lola one or two messages of concern to tell her that he hadn't disappeared.

But he had no interest in it at all. He shuddered with fear at the thought of Joan's safety.

He put forward the plan to let Lola Qi inverst deliberately. Now his mother's harassment was the best disguise for him, but he hoped that his mother would be strong, so that he could show a filial and helpless state in front of the board of directors.

He had his own way to force them not to sign the contract. Besides, Darren would let those who really wanted to become the shareholder of the Lu Company come out. At that time, Joan might understand. After all, facts speak louder than words.

Anna was bored without anything to do recently. She called her and said politely and pleasantly, "Lola, what took you too busy to play? Did Darren bully you? Tell me and I will handle this for you. "

She was in low spirits and wasn't as energetic as she was a few days ago. Before Shawn had come to talk to her, everything was fine. But after his harsh and persuasive words that day, Lola felt exhausted, even making her smile more unnatural.

She held the phone between her shoulders and explained, "I really don't feel well recently. I'm sorry, aunt. Maybe I will return to the United States after a while. I can't accompany you anymore."

"You want to go back

re were conspiracies, and there was better a way to let her offer not to live in a hotel.

"Where is Lola now? Ask people who follow her to report to us immediately. Find a few people who are tight lipped and give them more benefits. Let them make a play with you! "

On the other side of the phone, Austin was also waiting for the latest instruction from Darren. He prayed in his mind, 'Mr. Lu, you are so lucky to have such a good friend. Otherwise, you will end up with a miserable death.'.

"I see. It's the same as before. If it's a period, it means it's successful. A exclamation sigh represents a variable. You just stay put."

The priority now was to finish his plan and clear the misunderstanding between him and Joan.

Sitting on the sofa lazily, Joan sneezed.

'Who is thinking about me?' She rubbed the tip of her nose, while thinking of a face with a mischievous smile on the corner of his mouth when he smiled. She had been away from him for so many days. It was possible that he had been lost in his mind.

'What a bunch of crap!' Joan shook her head in disbelief. She had gone out for a long time, but there was no news about her. If Darren was determined to find a person, how long could she stay away from him? Maybe he just took her as a toy to fool around for a few days and he didn't need to look for her. She would go back when she was hungry and had no money!

It was someone else! She continued to browse the chatting groups. One of the group members was from a generous company. He was sending out tasks.

There was an unwritten rule that stated stated, "it must only be designed according to the specific requirements of the designer. Usually the name of the client was unknown.

The gunner didn't need any real information. Besides, Tabitha was famous in this trade. If it weren't for her, she would have had more time to hide the truth.

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