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   Chapter 114 Not A Coincidence

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"Scott, let me tell you." He had already known that it was a difficult thing, but he didn't expect that it was still a little dangerous. "I don't want to ask for your opinion. I just tell you that I will fly back tomorrow by plane. And I can choose to fly back to the Manhattan city, or Seattle or other city. You can't stop me," she said.

She had had enough of the game and didn't want to continue. As for Joan, maybe what Shawn said was right, or maybe she was not so bad as what Jean had described, and everyone was still guessing about the car accident till now. Was it by accident, or someone did it deliberately?

It didn't have to be her.

The reason why he had persuaded Lola to go back to S City was that he wanted to make their relationship end, so that Joan could change her mind and not work in the Lu Company. She could take orders and her wealth to the Jian Company.

Although they hadn't achieved their goal and Joan hadn't resigned from Darren's company or moved to live with Scott, the relationship between them had already developed badly for a long time and they had almost succeeded.

"There are many people in our country. Every year, the police officers have solved a lot of cases of missing people, and there are also a lot of cases that can't be solved. As far as I know, there is a new genius in the IT field in S City."

It turned out that he had never stopped following her, just as Adam did.

The phone was thrown far away like a time bomb.

"Sophia, remember this number. If he dares to call me again, don't answer." The assistant agreed submissively. She wondered how this poor man had irritated Scott.

Shelly invited her to watch a movie tonight. The whole company knew that she came from Scott's side, so she didn't like her flattery.

Until one day, when Scott was going to have an important joint meeting, she had a fever the night before. She was so dizzy that she forgot to bring a very important document and wanted to go back to fetch it. However, it was the hardest time to take a taxi.

At that time, a little girl watched her waving her arms crazily on the road, slowly stopped the car, and sent her to the company without saying anything.

She didn't realize how important she was until she showed her how nice she was to her.

Sophia sneaked a glance at Scott through the glass window. He was standing in front of the floor to ceiling window and looking at the screen of his mobile phone. It seemed that nothing serious happened, so she opened the chat window secretly and asked Shelly to talk on the Internet.

"Why did you finish your work so early, Sophia?"

On the screen, there was a big heart of a little girl. Sophia didn't like her a

eriod of time, the LED TV on the wall of the office was often on at all time. No matter who came in to report work or send documents, he could not help secretly glancing at it.

The news on TV was not about IT. It was strange that Shawn was interested in the entertainment industry's gossip. The volume of TV was really high, and he occasionally looked up at the people on it.

It seemed that he was looking for something or expecting something.

"Darren, do you still remember the document I gave you before you came back? When she became famous in America, there was an English name. What is that?"

Darren was stunned. He only focused on the file on his phone. He didn't care about the news, let alone the English name which had been used a lot.

"What was that name?"

"It was Kate! The same as that of the Kate Technology! "

If it was just a coincidence that he liked entertainment news, then it couldn't be a coincidence that he named the company after her.

"What do you mean? Do they have a close relationship in the US? " Said Darren.

Austin didn't answer his question right away. Instead, he nodded silently and added, "and I have a bold guess that the unexpected event that they talked about with each other might be Lola's miscarriage. Perhaps, the were out of touch because of this. Therefore, he has been trying to find clues on TV. "

Because he knew that she was a model and it was only a matter of time before she came back in this industry. She would definitely keep her previous career as a model if she wanted to.

"Click!" Darren snapped his fingers and said, "tell me about Shawn's main project and which companies he has cooperated with. I want to know how much he knows about us."

What's more, what does he have to do with Scott? Is he a friend or an enemy?

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