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   Chapter 110 A Crisis Of Trust

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The atmosphere in the ward was so quiet that neither of them could see their faces clearly, and of course, no one could figure out what expressions they had.

Joan's breathing gradually went deeper, as if she was in sound sleep at night. Darren still sat on the bed beside, looking at the woman who had not been lying quietly beside him for a long time.

Although she could not see clearly and the moon was dim, he still felt that she had lost a lot of weight. A few days ago, Selina took good care of her. Since the airport incident, everything became a little confusing.

Although Joan had never told him about anything, her actions were as cold as ice. She had told Darren from the very beginning that she had been deceived, that she had a failed marriage. Therefore, she had hoped that Darren would be honest to her and that they would help each other.

"Father..." When Darren was still in a daze, Joan spoke in sleep. She called "Dad".

He didn't know that in her dream, Joan was standing in front of his father's tomb, as if she had been kicked out of her house by her stepmother. Her concept of her mother was too vague. It seemed that she could remember very well that she had only lived with her stepmother and father in a family, so she was not as well cared about her stepmother's daughter. It was more likely that she had not been able to win people's heart verbally.

"I miss you so much, Dad." He stretched out his fingers, wiped away the tears on her face, and gently said, "you can rest assured that I will definitely bring out the real reason why the Gu Company suddenly crumbled, and also find out the hateful manipulator behind it! It's just Joan. I need some more time. "

He had adjusted the vibrate ringtone of his cellphone to the buzzing tone in his pocket. He had specially made it when he entered the ward in case of waking up the calm, panic stricken Joan.


She didn't have a fixed number, she had her own number, the agent's number, and her assistant's number. She picked up each one of them casually. As usual, Darren made a call to her private phone number and remembered it clearly.

The woman's voice sounded as expected. She politely said, "Darren, where are you? I seem to be ill. It makes me dizzy and uncomfortable. "

"Can you come and stay with me?"

The woman on the other side of the phone invited him pitifully. However, Darren pulled the door of the ward closer and said, "I'll ask Austin to pick you up. You'd better have a check in the hospital."

"No, I don't have to. You know me, Darren. Every time I get sick, you will feed me with porridge or tell stories to lull me to sleep." With great care, she begged, "I know. A while ago, you were angry with me for what I had done to Joan. Today, she also had the same accident as mine. I love you so much that I was

ind you tomorrow. The anti-slip shoes are better!" Everything would be the same as if Joan could make a concession and help him find out the truth as soon as possible. After this drama with Lola, everything would be back on track.

With the last shred of hope, Joan asked, "why did you go out? Why did you go out? "

"Me?" He handed a cup of water to Joan and rinsed her mouth. Then he looked away and said, "I saw you fall asleep. I went out and bought a cup of coffee with Austin."

"Nothing else?"

He had never seen Joan look at him this way. Although she was smiling as usual, there was a skeptical look in her eyes.

"And what?" Her voice was so calm that even the sound of water coming from her throat could be heard clearly.

She instinctively pressed the button of the toilet and raised her head to look at him.

They hadn't seen each other for only a few days, but Joan felt that the face in front of her was so strange.

It turned out that his face didn't change color when he lied. She had underestimated him before.

That's true. The young master of the Lu family had been able to defeat countless people who were experienced in S City indifferently. She, a woman, was weak.

If he wanted to do something behind her back, he could do it without hesitation.

"Nothing, Mr. Lu, my boss, your employees need to rest now. Please go back. I'm just an ordinary designer in the Lu Company and I don't have the right to ask your personal secretary to look after me. I hope Mr. Lu won't embarrass me tomorrow. Selina is also very busy. Don't waste any time here."

Her identity was clear. She was an employee and he was a CEO. They were no more than this.

They were not right for each other.

The glass in his hand fell to the floor. Tiredness crept over him. "Joan, I don't care what you are going to do, but why did you say that? What do you mean by that?"

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