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   Chapter 108 Puppets

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She swallowed hard and forced a smile. Then, she held out her hand and pressed it against Adam's chest.

He said in a soft voice, "of course I know. This is Adam's company."

"Since you know who the boss is, you should also know that as a model, you should obey whose requests the most."

Both on and off the T-stage, she was just a puppet. She remembered that she was not in a good mood after she stepped down from the stage for the first time, so she refused the following interviews arranged by reporters.

At that time, Adam didn't say anything but just asked her. Are you sure that you won't go? Getting her confident reply, he turned around and left like nothing had happened. But after that, he forced her to give up her one month's work.

She had no job to do and she had no source to work. But now she was forced to apologize to Adam sincerely. She then knew that it was not like she would make an open-minded decision when she was in America. Adam was the leader of the company.

"I'm sorry." She lowered her head, just like Jean, in front of that cold, dark and dangerous eyes.

"You should know that a woman like you doesn't deserve to have such a good and beautiful emotion. Since you went abroad just because you fell in love with another man, I will not let you be a prostitute and pretend to be a chaste man today. I ask you to stay with Darren Lu not because you can't listen to me if you have someone to back you up. And you, at any time, are destined to be a homeless woman. "

His fingers moved slowly between the two women. He paused for only two seconds and then continued, "try your best to be a decent and dutiful wife in front of Darren Lu. You must obey my orders. I won't have tender heart for women. If you do the same thing again, no matter who you are, I will let you struggle."

She was lucky to be alive.

Lola and Jean looked at each other, speechless. In fact, when Jean took the initiative to find her, she refused.

Kidnapping was a matter that was against the law, not to mention that she was going to kidnap Darren's family. She had made great efforts to gain a little advantage in front of Anna and Lu family. If Darren knew that the pure and kind-hearted Lola would become a vicious woman, I'm afraid that all her efforts would be wasted.

Seeing Lola's hesitation, Jean knew how to get what she wanted from others easily. So she tried to be patient and based on her temptation, she said, "Joan has left Darren Lu's apartment. You don't want her to move back one day, do you?"

Indeed, no matter how close they were, Darren never mentioned asking Joan to move out of his apartment. After she mentioned it twice, he still couldn't say anything.

His expression and perfunctoriness clearly showed that he d

en withdrew his right hand, which was stained with red blood.

On Joan's pale face, there were a few dust stained. Except that, she did not seem to have received any injury.

He knew Joan was pregnant, but he had taken her to such a remote place. Leaving her in such a mess was already unforgivable.

When Darren walked into the hospital with Joan in his arms, the nurses who had come to stop them from asking questions didn't stop them at all. He put Joan on the bed, and shouted at the people waiting at the door.

Maybe his eyes were too sharp, or the aura around him was too frightening.

Everybody was watching him going into the room of gynaecology and obstetrics. Nobody dared to stop him.

"What are you looking at! Call all the best obstetrics and gynecology doctors in your hospital here. They must protect my wife and child. "

Austin, who was closely behind Darren, followed him. His face was a little red. After all, they were in the gynecology and obstetrics department. It was a little embarrassing for a man except some doctors and nurses to enter the room without permission. So he explained it to Darren in a mild way. He followed a nurse to pay the bill, the best gynecologist was arranged to do a comprehensive examination for Joan.

At the order of Darren, the blinds in the room were not down. Darren pressed his face against the glass and observed her condition.

Bang! Darren punched the wall with his fist. The woman's face was very pale. He didn't know how long she had stayed in such a bleak place.

She had thought that her real face would be revealed. But she was hijacked by a fan of her. This seemingly reasonable girl seemed to be covered by her seemingly reasonable words.

He felt the pain from his knuckles. Having been in the business world for a long time, he really felt scared today.

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