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   Chapter 106 Same Time

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He seldom talked to Austin in this way.

"Austin." After a moment of hesitation, he softened his tone and said, "sometimes, life is not so easy as it takes. To be able to live a peaceful life with Joan in the rest of our lives, we must deal with such a mess in front of us."

His tone was meaningful. People who understood him could understand what he meant.

He understood what he meant. He still remembered the result of the impulsion in the army. He knew that after these years with Darren, he had grown up gradually. And he also knew that if he had treated it in a different way, the ending would be very different.

Like the other girl who feared nothing and could help her friends at any time, Linda was the second him.

With his arms on the doorknob, he slowed down in an instant when he thought that he had to face the woman named Lola Qi later. But soon he resumed his countenance.

Just like everything was fine.

It was just like when they were in the past, walking and sharing good things every day.

His calm was broken by the call. "Darren Lu, I suppose you know Joan Gu very well, don't you?"

"Who are you?"

Darren put him on speaker. His vulgar voice came from the other end of the line. "I don't want to talk about who I am. You should know why we kidnapped her. I don't ask for the amount of money. You assume this woman is important to you. You give me a number."

This wasn't an ordinary kidnap. The kidnapper did it on purpose. He wanted Darren to know that maybe they were his old friends or business opponents.

It was by no means a simple kidnap.

His voice was muffled by a piece of cloth over the phone, which made his voice even hoarse.

"Before I go there, if you dare to hurt her, no matter who you are or who is behind you, I will definitely make you get out of S City and never come back."

It had been a long time since the last time they heard Darren getting angry. His stern voice made Jean's face look ghastly pale.

He still cared about this woman in the end.

"I'd like to see who he will choose to give up when his new love and old love ask for help at the same time."

Jean winked at the man, and the two of them told him the wrong address as they had agreed.

"Joan, do you think he will agree to everything I want to do to save you?" She asked deliberately because she knew that Darren wouldn't come.

She didn't want to know any romantic love story. Now she just wanted to see a joke.

Joan sat up straight and looked at her. "You know nothing about love. I have nothing to say to you."

"You know what I want besides money, status, handbags of famous brand and luxury clothes? What does Darren want the most? " She paused for a moment. On t

a recorder in his pocket, which he had specially put on today.

If it Jian Company did this, he would not only record their schemes against the Lu Company, but also record his many uses against Joan. In this way, the cold war and predicament between them would be alleviated.

She calculated the time and thought there should be some movement.

It was her husband who was walking back and forth, who was more unable to stay calm than Jean. Zed had called her and told her that nothing had happened.

"How could it be?" He thought it over, there might only be one possibility.

Perhaps Darren had noticed that, or perhaps he couldn't get on with the show anymore. When the clock on the wall rang, which should be dozens of ordinary noises every day, he was so annoyed today that he threw a thing at the clock.

And he suddenly stopped.

"Jean, listen to me. I don't care what kind of negotiation you have with Lola. Now you should make her disappear from that position without any trace at all."

Why! She walked some distance away from Joan and questioned, "you agreed to this plan too. He mistakenly believed that the kidnappers were people who knew everything about Joan. And the one who kidnapped Lola are the real kidnappers. Why don't we agree to it now?"

"Don't ask so many questions. There's no time left now. According to the time, he should have arrived at the place of Lola, but he didn't show up until now. What does it mean? Darren Lu is not such an idiot as you!" He passed over the broken pieces of the watch, and went downstairs.

Scott said in a serious tone. Having stayed by his side for so many years, Jean naturally knew what it meant.

If it was not the case, he would not be an alarmist.

"Why did Darren notice it?" She bit her lips hard.

They had plenty of time!

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