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   Chapter 104 He Has Never Loved You

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As for this, Jean didn't intend to let go of Joan like that. She intended to involve more tricks in this, which would make Joan suffer a lot.

"What will Darren do if I tell him the news? Would he be in a hurry? Haha, I really want to have a try! " Jean laughed and said. She suddenly realized that she was so clever. That was really a wonderful plan.

Shortly afterwards, she dialed his number and told him about the kidnapping.

Joan burst into tears in pain. Her love towards Darren was pure and beautiful, sunshine like.

Joan was worried about Darren. Even if she had been killed, she didn't want Darren to save her either. The power of love was great and selfless at this moment.

She had no way to deny it.

As a matter of fact, when Jean received the phone call from a man hired by her, Jean had already expressed her excitement thoroughly in the car. She was so excited that she hung up the phone. In a hurry, she drove her car to see the prey that she had been eager to hold in her hand until today.

She drove to a battered abandoned factory in the suburb. She staggered on the bricks and tiles to the second floor of the factory. She dusted off her clothes because she had always been used to looking down upon Joan. She looked down upon her, so she always went against her. She took her beloved man, ruined her happy family, and ruined her career. At first, she was respected by a rich family. But now, she was a homeless criminal wandering on the street.

Jean used her tricks to frame Joan again and again, which she had never expected. Step by step, her plot proved to be a success. When she saw Joan being played by her, her heart was filled with joy. She hated Joan. She hated everyone being around her; she hated everyone because everyone liked her.

But when she was very happy to make fun of Joan, she didn't expect that Darren would appear halfway and took the advantage of it.

Since Darren Lu appeared around Joan, it had been more difficult for Jean to set up a trap for her than anyone else in the world. She had been looking for an opportunity to do it again, but it seemed impossible for her to do that under his protection.

In fact, after Joan was released from prison, Joan had been under control ever since. Jean had stopped her from looking for a job, and Joan had been framed by her all the time. Jean had stopped Scott from meeting Joan, and she had asked Scott to destroy her as well.

However, Scott had been indecisive because of their close relationship. Looking at his indecisive look, Jean was extremely disappointed in

rid of her all the time, but she never thought that Jean would kidnap her. What's more surprising was that she even knew about Darren and Lola as well as the child. Joan's heart beat wildly.

She walked over to Joan, who looked pitiful, and was extremely happy about it. She took off Joan's blindfold and tore the tape off her mouth. In an instant, Joan's mouth was covered in blood.

Looking at the lonely Joan in front of her, he was filled with joy.

Trying to endure the pain in her lips, Joan said in a trembling voice, "Jean, what on earth do you want to do? Do you still want to set me up? Are you crazy? Do you enjoy setting me up as a pleasure? Don't forget that you are Scott's wife after all. Don't you feel guilty for cheating on him like that? "

"What qualifications do you have to say that? Do you think you are very outstanding. You are wrong. If you weren't the daughter of the Gu family and didn't have so much money and power, you would not have power against me. You have overestimated yourself. Do you think that Scott loves you? You are too naive. When he talked about you to me, except for hatefulness and stupidity, there was nothing else. "

She knew how it felt to be betrayed by the one she loved most. Now that she hated Joan, she had to let her know what she felt. Her heart had to be broken.

Joan was already absent-minded when she heard what Jean had said. She couldn't believe that Scott had no feelings for her at all. It seemed that her heart was broken at the thought of their marriage.

It never occurred to her that the man she loved so much from childhood would hate her so much. For his career, he could even take advantage of Joan's feelings. She felt very upset.

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