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   Chapter 101 Seeing Is Believing

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Before leaving, she decided to do one more thing for herself and for their relationship!

The relationship between the two of them must be not simple. Joan decided to be discreet and observed it in secret. She couldn't deceive herself any more.

If they were still connected, she had to be ruthless to cut off the connection with them, even though her baby was ready to come to the world and to see his or her father.

But love is selfish. "Since first love is always so important, and I can't compare with it, then there is no need for me to use this child to make him change his mind."

Put your heart in one place.

Joan woke up from a nap. Recently, she was sleepy time. When she opened her eyes, she saw Darren packing his things there. She knew he was going out.

Joan didn't say anything deliberately, pretending that she didn't know what he was going to do.

She looked at him dressing up there seriously. He wouldn't wear those clothes if he was at home or just for an ordinary meeting.

Unless he had to meet an important person later.

Darren looked at his watch and found that it was time to go. He had to figure things out as soon as possible. A long delay means a lot.

Not noticing the peek on the door, he changed his shoes, grabbed his car keys, slammed the door and left.

The respectful voice of the driver came from downstairs. Joan stood at the door of the window, watching Darren get in the car.

She was about to set off as well. Joan took out a car key from the drawer of her dressing table, which was usually untouched. The M-shaped logo on the key shone. She intentionally took a detour to the garage and drove her car, following him on the side.

"Darren, this is the first time I've followed a man. I hope you won't let me down. At least, don't give me such a big blow when I just started to believe in love."

The two waited side by side in the traffic light at the crossroad. Darren Lu closed the window and let the people outside couldn't see the scene inside the car due to the tea colored glass. When he sat in the car, he never paid attention to the passers-by beside him.

"Time is running out. Don't wait for the red light. I need to go home as soon as possible."

At home, there was a little woman who was not getting along well with him. She was waiting for him to coax her when he came back.

The car suddenly sped away while the light was still red. Joan didn't give up and wanted to chase after him. She could see that car clearly since there was no other cars the same as his in the whole S City. This was a silver Bentley that not many people could afford.

When opening the door of the private room, Darren looked at the door subconsciously.

"What are you looking at? Sit with me and pay more attent

servant do the coffee thing from now on. Besides, I won't come here so often. Joan will be unhappy if she sees us. "

Lola was so considerate and she even lost her temper in front of the handsome man.

As soon as he heard the name of Joan, Darren put on an upset expression and said, "I don't want to hear you talk about her when I am with you in the future."

Lola felt relieved when she saw that Darren hated Joan so much. She was afraid that they would fall in love if she stayed here for a long time.

To finish his work, Darren went back to his study. Lola enjoyed staying at home with Darren alone. She looked around the living room. She didn't know when she could become the real hostess here.

Noticing one of the servants, Lola asked, "how do you perceive the relationship between Darren and Joan, Auntie?"

The servant shook her head and sighed after thinking for a while. Lola saw her and got her point. Now that Darren didn't treat her well, she had nothing to worry about. Or maybe he just completely detested her.

It was getting dark. Joan didn't know where she should go. She wondered whether Darren still hadn't known about it yet. But considering that his favorite girl was Lola and the one he loved was her, she assumed that he wouldn't be worried even if he knew she had run away from him.

Now that she had run out, she couldn't just go back, but she had no place to go.

But on second thought, she'd better take a walk around and find out whether there was a hotel there. After all, it was cold at night and he didn't treat her well, so she thought she shouldn't abuse herself like this. Thinking about this, Joan forced a smile. In others' eyes, Joan was a beautiful and happy girl, like a epiphyllum. But no one knew how sad she was.

Joan walked away like a doll without soul, attractive yet frightening.

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