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   Chapter 100 Those Photos

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As her legs were sore, Joan supported herself by holding the table and then sat on the chair. She went through the photos one by one.

She was familiar with the background of the photo. It was a restaurant where Darren and Lola dated a lot. She used to be there before, but then she had not been with Darren. When they passed by, Joan wanted to eat in this restaurant, but he didn't agree. It was not until she asked Austin that did she know what this restaurant meant.

But now, they had dinner in this restaurant together? What did that mean? Did they really get together?

'Should I really believe what Darren said when he said he liked me and wanted to stay with me? Joan didn't know whether she should believe these photos or his words...

Originally, she had already stopped vomiting. However, at this moment, she felt a strong nausea in her stomach. Joan grabbed her hand and walked into the bathroom. She kept retching, feeling very painful.

Joan supported herself with her arms and went back to the living room. Her phone rang. It was from her husband, Scott.

"Joan, have you seen the man in front of you? He has never fallen in love with you. Do you still want to stay by his side?"

"You are so naive, just as silly as before. You wait for him at home, but he goes out to date his lover and relish their sweet memories."

He bombarded Joan with questions, which dumbfounded her. She slumped into the sofa, shaking her head. She couldn't believe it, nor did she believe it.

Scott noticed that Joan was quite sluggish on the other end of the phone. He smiled, satisfied with Joan's response.

When Darren called him in the afternoon, he was worried that he would find out his real plan and do something crazy.

In order to avoid Darren, he had delayed for three hours. He even called his assistant to urge him, but he still couldn't find a way.

At this time, the call from Lola became his Savior.

He immediately asked Lola to make an appointment. He not only asked a waiter to take some photos of their intimate actions through some photo taking techniques, but also took the opportunity to take Darren to a restaurant full of sweet memories, so that Lola could have the opportunity to arouse Darren's love.

Although the call to Lola just now let him know that Lola had failed, he still had photos in hand! He immediately sent the pictures taken by the waiter to Joan. He didn't think that Joan would trust him even if she had these pictures.

"You bastard, Scott! I've been cheated by you once! Do you think I will believe you?" Those photos were very suspicious and confusing. Although people sa

oan sneered again. She realized that she didn't have many things with her in the family. She bought a lot of things after she had been with Darren, and the half of the suitcase was filled with her original stuff. Is it because when I just moved in, he already knew that I would leave at any time? How ironic! ' She walked to the bed and sat on it. She gently rubbed the sheet to feel that there was a slight warmth left. How many times had they gone to the same bed? He brought happiness to her and kept talking about the words that he loved her.

She was unwilling to count. These sweet memories were just illusions. She felt that it was time for her to wake up from this illusion.

'Joan, wake up. He doesn't love you. You couldn't accompany him to the end of his life. Stop dreaming!' she told herself!

She took up a white paper and wrote "divorce agreement" on it randomly. She decided to give up all the marital property, she would not bow down to him or marry him!

The divorce agreement was ready, and everything was packed. It seemed that she could leave now. However, what should she do with the baby inside her? It was his son. Even Joan didn't want it, it was a part of her body! If, if he did it out of his selfish wish. Joan was too scared to do it!

She gritted her teeth and said to herself, "I can raise my baby if I want. I can take care of my children by myself." With that, she pulled out the ring from her ring finger and took out the key from her bag to put both items on the divorce agreement. Then she put her phone aside, displaying the intimate photo of Darren Lu and Lola Qi.

But she heard that the relationship between Lola and Lu family was getting better and better. She still wanted to know how far they could go!

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