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   Chapter 95 Cross Border Cooperation

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"Darren, I just got reliable news that the Jian Company..." Said Austin hurriedly as soon as he entered the CEO's office. He paused and then looked at the door to see if anyone was eavesdropping, continuing what he wanted to say. "The Jian Company took the project of the jewelry tables in S Company..."

The pen in his hand fell to the table all of a sudden. He raised his head and looked at Austin with a little surprise in his eyes. He didn't get it wrong, did he? Why did the Jian Company take part in the bidding? What the hell was going on?

Both Lu Company and Jian Company were skilled in building industry. Several days ago, there was a piece of commercial project in the city. He thought the Jian Company was his biggest competitor, but later he was told that Jian Company did not participate in the bidding.

He didn't care at that time, but today he got the news that the Jian Company was participating in the jewelry design project of S Company. Why did a company which had been developing well in the construction industry suddenly gave up its good talent, but engage in a field he had never been in? Jian Company crossed the line this time!

There might be something behind it, right? There must be an unspeakable secret and plot...

"They got this project?" He had heard that the bidding process had been finished and the result should be announced this morning.

Generally speaking, if a company good at construction suddenly competed in the jewelry design project, it would make people feel strange. And because of their lack of experience, they couldn't bid successfully. A company would never be able to let a company, which was not quite good at this field, handle such a big project.

"Yes, we've just got this news from S Company, saying that the Jian Company has won this project." Austin said straightforwardly. He was a shrewd man. If he didn't think that there was something wrong, he wouldn't be in such a hurry to report to Darren.

At this time, Darren Lu's eyebrows were even more tightly wrinkled, which could almost kill a fly. Not to mention that the Jian Company had never been involved in this field, it was already a little strange for them to suddenly take part in such a bid. More strangely, S Company was a well-known jewelry merchant at home. They wouldn't have been so impulsive to let their company, who had never done any table design projects, in charge of their projects. If there was no background, then there would be a lot of doubts, Who would believe that!

"What do you think, Austin?" He wanted to know Austin's opinion. Austin was a smart man. He would do his best for himself and would not betray him. That was why Wesley had hoped Austin to take them as his family m

the person who cooked it had spent a lot of time here. Besides, the food was warm. Joan would send him the lunch after she cooked it.

"I knew you didn't eat well, so I prepared something for you to eat." Joan said with a smile. As she put the lunch box in front of her, she took out the cutlery, handed it to Darren and said, "have the lunch. It's still warm."

He cast a glance at Joan and sat down. He took over the pair of chopsticks and started to slug the food.

Seeing that Darren had started to eat obediently, Joan smiled with satisfaction. She sat opposite to him and watched him eating. She smiled at Darren as he ate the food with relish. She felt extremely satisfied and this was the happiest feeling she had ever had.

Maybe it was because she was pregnant, or she was enjoying seeing him, her stomach started to growl. She stared at his lunch box with her almond eyes.

All of a sudden, a shrimp ball appeared in front of her. It startled Joan, who was absent-minded. She looked up at Darren who was taking a shrimp ball to her mouth with chopsticks.

She knew him very well. If she didn't eat the shrimp, he would not let her go. So she opened her mouth and bit the shrimp into her mouth.

However, the shrimps didn't stop his plan. He took out a lunch box, put some food in it and took another set of tableware, and handed it to Joan.

"No, thanks. I've had my lunch at home. I'll cook egg noodles when I get home." She remembered that she only prepared enough amount for him to eat. If he had given the food to her, he wouldn't be full. After all, she could go back home later. She would make herself some noodles.

He frowned as if he was not satisfied with what she said.

"No way. Rice is more nutritious than egg noodles. You are too skinny. It's good to eat more." Said Terence.

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