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   Chapter 94 Great Respect

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She had gone through untold sufferings just to get these words back.

"Well, I'm sorry, Nick. I think I need to change my partner. I'm really sorry for your dance. I really can't praise it. You didn't dance well!"

She turned to Scott and smiled, "would you mind if I dance with you? Will Jean mind?"

Jean gave her approval with a gesture.

They stood in the middle of the dance floor, with their fingertips in each other's hands. And Jean, of course, did not allow herself to sit down and drink alone, so she invited Nick to dance with her.

Holding Lola in his arms, Scott whispered in her ears. His breath made her feel warm and itchy. She felt uncomfortable, so she stayed a little far away from him.

"Mr. Scott is so close to us. I'm afraid that your wife will be jealous when she sees the scene!"

But after hearing her words, Scott didn't get annoyed. "Lady Qi, you misunderstood me. I just want to get through a back door."

Real estate had been the main industry of the Jian Company, and few business was managed in other fields. In recent years, the Lu Company snatched almost all of their big orders from the Jian Company because of Joan's fame.

What's more, Joan had been totally protected by Darren recently, and had publicly announced that she didn't accept any orders, all the work was done by his assistant, Madeline Liu. Even so, there were still some small design companies looking for her to design.

Their reasons were that they found that their things were small and well designed, and they didn't need to go to that dangerous construction site. There were many bus and motorcycle stalls and jewelry display pavilions.

"I heard that Miss Qi has an endorsement to a large jewelry brand." After a long time of silence, Scott finally stated her purpose, "this jewelry brand is well-known both in domestic market and abroad, and you have a certain fame abroad. So I think it is best to find you as a spokesman. This is because your company and I keep a strong support for you that you can be the spokesperson."


"I didn't expect that you are exactly the same as they said. You are ambitious! You want me to get you the right of the jewelry operator design, right? "

The confidence brought by her career had driven her out of fear when she talked to Scott. It was not a time when she needed his help and listened to every word he said.

"This is also your own favor, isn't it? Miss Qi, we have the same goal to deal with and the same enemy. So we should work together. "

Casting a glance at Nick and Jean, he said, "I know from the instinct of a man that the second son of the Lu family has feelings for you too. You two..."

"We are two parallel lines. Scott, you think too much. I'm working with you, because I want to avenge my child. I can't let the people who


After all, this was still divided into two different fields. There were still a lot of knowledge in the middle.

"Joan, I heard that the jewelry was in the shape of a drop of tear. Could we design the stage into the shape of an eye? She's a pretty girl with tears in her eyes. " Madeline went on, "you always told me that you would provide the souls of design works, didn't you? In this way, we have to put it into life in the first place to better touch people, right? "

Sure enough, she was absolutely impressed. She pinched the bulging cheeks of Madeline and praised her from the bottom of her heart. "It seems that you have made great progress instead of slacking off when I went to rest."

The design department was busy, but Darren heard a bad news.

"What do you mean? The designer and the construction company have been appointed? " It was not a big deal, but he didn't understand why they wanted to cooperate with Joan. In the past, they told Selina they wanted to collaborate because of Joan's fame.

Selina nodded, "no, it's not true. He can't tell the real reason clearly when I call him to apologize.

"I think there is some reason behind it."

Lola was sitting next to a jewelry dealer. Under the cover of a table cloth, she was suffering a slight touch on her inner thigh.

The man in glasses, who pretended to be gentle, drank the red wine at a gulp. Lola resisted the nausea rolling up and down in her stomach!

If it were not for the fact that he was the boss, she really wanted to break his tiptoes by the high-heeled shoes and slap him a few more times.

Right in the middle of the table was a steaming pan. The bubbles of boiling fish brought a piece of skin to its surface, which gave Lola, who didn't eat fish, a goose bumps.

"Thank you, Mr. Wen, for giving me this opportunity." Scott raised his glass with great respect.

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