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   Chapter 93 Guilty Conscience

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Several big enterprises in S City, except for the Lu Company, were sitting at the magnificent hotel to have a reunion.

Of course, the party was totally organized by Scott.

The news about the Lu Company spread fast in the day. The police office is the only department that didn't fear the Lu Company. It was said that Joan tried to clear her suspicion for the sake of Darren.

However, in their opinion, if one needed his pregnant wife to show up, maybe he was really at the end of his wits. Therefore, they would be easily persuaded by Scott.

Some of the enterprises that were close to the Lu Company, those who were ambitious, and some who were afraid of the support of Adam's background sat down and listened to their conversation.

"Calm down, guys. The dinner is a little late. There is a special guest. She is very important. He is not here yet."

"Bring some water and alcohol first," Scott said to a waiter, "please wait for the main meal. You can come up when I call you.

Everyone here looked at each other, confused and expecting this mysterious guest. They couldn't imagine how important the guest was to make Scott treat him in such a respectful way.

"Scott, prestigious big companies have gathered here. Who else is there? Does it mean that we have a new comer in our company? "

People were whispering to each other, but Scott and Jean just sat there, while Adam just played a ring which was taken from somewhere.

They had never sat together in public before. Adam didn't care about whether they sat together or not. Scott was very awkward. He didn't adjust his facial expressions to make him look softer until he thought it would be good for the future.

They looked at each other as a greeting.

He couldn't get used to be restrained, so he acted like a wild horse without rein for a long time and was not interested in the crowds' polite talk. He only cared about Darren. He was a tycoon, and he had the greatest sense of achievement after he won the heart of a hard man.

In addition to him, the beautiful woman who sat beside Jean was not interested in it at all. Lola showed no interest in the Lu Company, and she didn't have the ambition to take a piece of the Lu Company.

She was reluctant to clarify for Darren because, even though it was not his style, it may be the woman who had been to prison. Just like Darren did it himself.

She whispered to Jean's ear, "how is it going to get Nick's phone number?"

"Don't worry. You will know the result in a short time. My sister called to ask me about it, how can I not try my best!"

She had successfully signed the most powerful jewelry brand, and would start to work very hard tomorrow. She just hoped to have a talk with Nick today.

The door to the private room was pushed open and a fa

be less joy.

In fact, she was just afraid that they would be released from surveillance.

"Nick, everyone has a partner, not yet Miss Qi. Why don't you invite her to dance?"

"You two know each other for a long time. Now that you have reached an agreement in the daytime, we should help each other in the future," continued Scott, patting on Nick's shoulder


With such an urge, it seemed that he really had a guilty conscience if he refused him again. As a man who had been in the music and dance club for a long time, it was not likely that he would trample on the foot of a partner.

Obviously, he had something on his mind.

Or because he felt guilty!

After returning from abroad, the most things happened to Lola in such a short time were about disappointment. "I know that you would definitely be at the scene of my car accident that day! I want to ask you, why don't you come to save me when I'm lying on the ground alone and I'm so lonely! "

Nick wanted to withdraw his hand from her waist, but he was stopped by Lola. Lola grasped his wrist tightly and said, "others don't know it, but don't I know your little habit? When you lie, your hands will unconsciously meet with each other. Today, I want you to look into my eyes and say the truth. "

How could years of love and hate be clarified in a few words?

He looked into her eyes and said something he always wanted to ask her, which made Lola fell into great disappointment.

"You had a good time in the United States. Why did you come back?"

The music was not over yet, and it was Lola's turn to stop the dance on her own initiative.

She came back with her attachment to him and her feelings for the past that she could not bear to leave behind. But he was complaining about her coming back?

The two were especially eye-catching in the fascinating crowd.

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