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   Chapter 92 I'm Standing By Your Side

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Austin's words warmed up Darren's heart like there was a sun.

He had seen the right person. That was what a woman should do to stand beside him. They should trust each other most.

In fact, he knew that Joan must still be suspicious. He should have first dispelled all her misgivings, but time was limited. He had to solve the root cause of the problem first, so that he could give his woman a peaceful life.

It was like tsunami. If you didn't put a magic sea needle at the origin of the tsunami, you would be affected by the aftereffect of the tsunami forever

"According to their phone calls, her car has been besieged by reporters, so they can't get out of the car. Now I have to take the security guards to get them out of the car." After a short pause, he continued, "but if it's true, will any paparazzi get inside the company?"

With a smile, Darren said, "I have an idea. They won't."

With a mixture of doubt, Austin agreed to go out. As he turned around, he found that Darren had already buttoned up his suit and followed him out.

"Darren, what are you doing?"

All of a sudden, he thought through his head. Then he snapped his fingers and said, "Darren, Mr. Lu, you are really you!"

Joan shrank in the car like a trapped animal, while Selina shouted, "Joan, look! Mr. Lu is out! He dodged the media's questions very well after the breaking news. He has never been blocked by these reporters, but today he even appeared at the gate of the Lu Company. "

He was wearing a black suit and a golden tie, which looked very noble. Some men seemed to be born like this. Some journalists even forgot their tasks, enjoying the spotlight and indulging themselves in the handsome face in front of them.

"If I were Lola, I would give birth to a baby for Mr. Lu. He is so handsome!"

The female reporter next to her poked her elbow and said, "wake up, okay? He's bad from the public opinion now. How could you still take him as your prince charming?"

She was so helpless that her saliva almost drooled to the ground.

When Joan was wondering, Selina noticed that there were fewer reporters around the car and that Austin was walking towards them with several strong security guards.

Selina was experienced and immediately understood what Mr. Lu meant. "Mr. Lu did it on purpose. He was afraid that you couldn't get away. He was afraid that all the security guards came here to the car and there were no guards outside. Reporters would rush into the company if he didn't keep guard. So, standing there and attracting their attention, he could help us get out of danger successfully."

"Does he put himself in a dangerous position?" "I came here because I didn't want him to bear so much pressure. But why did he get it himself?" Joan asked, worried.

A few reporters were blocked by Austin's subordinates. One of them said, "don't worry. They won't

g on the road for a long time before a kind-hearted passer-by and a taxi driver had taken her to the hospital.

She hesitated for a while, and finally her finger fell on Jean's mobile phone number.

The phone was quickly picked up, "sister, it's so late, what is it? What's the matter? "

Jean said in a vague tone. She might have fallen asleep. After that, she glanced at the clock on the wall. It turned out that she had been standing in front of the window in a daze for a long time and was still ignorant of the midnight.

"Sorry to wake you up, Jean. I forgot the time. Maybe I haven't gotten over my jet lag in America, so I felt very energetic the whole night. You can go back to sleep."

"It's okay. I'm not sleepy now. My sister must have something to tell me since it's so late." As she frowned and came to her senses, she hid herself in the bathroom, in case of waking up Shawn. "Is everything okay?" she asked

"I don't know. By the way, may I ask you some questions?"

Jean kept turning the lights on and off with her fingers, listening to the request of Lola on the phone.

She said she lost her phone and there were a lot of numbers in it. She hoped she could help her contact an old friend.

She considered that it might be her old friend abroad. But she was shocked when she heard the name from Lola.

"Nick Lu? Are you talking about the second young master of the Lu family, Nick Lu? "

This woman was not simple. Was she Darren's girlfriend or Nick's lover? Why didn't she want to see Darren but want to contact Nick first?

"Sure." Jean answered in a polite manner. She answered, 'I will help you find the phone number of Nick Lu tomorrow. It is very late. My sister, you'd better go to bed early. I will tell you the news tomorrow.'.

In fact, she didn't have to ask anything. She just wanted to figure out whether Nick had come to save her that day when she was in danger.

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